Monday, February 23, 2015

Mr. Cope's Cave: Grilling O'Reilly

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As a card-carrying member of the Far-Left Zealots' Club—as Bill O'Reilly would designate all those who have, or will, call him out as the lying sack of stringy shit he is currently being proved to be—I wish to announce how delighted I am that this vile travesty of a human being is, at long last, being peeled like a rotting onion. Our most profound gratitude must go out to David Corn and Mother Jones magazine for initiating the peeling process.

Of course, Mr. O'Reilly, ever a feisty defender of his own empty pomposity, is cat-fighting back, calling Corn and Mother Jones the "bottom rung of journalism." But need the world be reminded that, coming as it is from a top-tier turd at Fox News, even the bottom rung of journalism is leagues above this pretender, squatting like some mutant species of bile-sucking flea on the scrotum of a feral pig, wallowing about in the reeking swamp of Roger Ailse's diseased dream?

No, of course not. The world—at least the decent and honorable part of it—knows all too well where Fox News and the bile-sucking fleas there-on are in relationship to real journalism. It is roughly the same relationship a cockroach might have to the kitchen in which it slithers the night away.

It is the same relationship an intestinal parasite might have to the nobler creature in whose bowels it feeds.

It is the same relationship... well, I don't wish to be too graphic here... but it is the same relationship Bill O'Reilly has to David Corn, or any of the other real journalists who will undoubtedly keep exposing O'Reilly for the horse's ass he truly is, especially now that the dumbshit has defiantly declared war on anyone who dares question his non-existent credibility.

So does anyone over there on the Right care to make a little wager on whether Fox News—as more and more of O'Reilly' self-aggrandizing whoppers are found to be no more than fictions of his imagination—will do what NBC has done with Brian Williams, that being: get him the hell off the air before he besmirches Truth any further?

C'mon, you Fox-suckling, lie-swilling nuts! Put your money where your big mouths are. My money is on... No, they will not take this vulture off the air, no matter how many exaggerations, misrepresentations, distortions, prevarications, tall tales, libelous slurs, inflated boasts, cock-and-bull fantasies, fraudulent statements, flim-flam fabrications and bald-faced lies he has told, or will tell in the future. 

After all, if all the vultures on Fox were kicked out, what would be left?

Oh, and while we're at it, is anyone but me curious to know exactly what portion of those big, blockbuster books O'Reilly takes credit for having written (Killing Jesus, Killing Kennedy, Killing Lincoln, Killing Patton) did he actually write himself, and what portion were written by the man he hires to do his writing for him?

Now, let us cleanse our palettes of the O'Reilly stench and pay our respects to Clark Terry, a gentleman who truly was as authentically accomplished as Mr. No Spin Zone can only lie about being. Clark died over the weekend. He was 95.

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