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Mr. Cope's Cave: Just When You Thought Your Legislature Couldn't Get... Aw Screw It!

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Yeah. I'm sick of this series. Already. And so far, I've only done up three of these morons.

But it's depressing, for god's sake. Here we have people that, if they were involved in anything but running the state, we would totally ignore. If we were at a party, say, and some dunce like Vito Barbieri or Christy Perry came up and said the same things I have reported in this blog they said in public forums ("Mr. Cope's Cave," Feb. 27 and March 6), we would nod politely and scoot off like we smelled cat piss or something.

No kidding, were we to pass them on a street in Seattle or Portland, Ore., holding a hand-scrawled cardboard sign asking for money and talking to themselves, it wouldn't surprise us one bit to hear a Barbieri bum muttering something about miniature cameras in women's vaginas, or a Perry bum theologizing that the best thing that could happen to a child would be to die as young as possible and go to Heaven.

But alas, these bums are members of our state Legislature. And they just keep coming. As soon as we start to get over how ridiculous one idiot is, here's comes another to take his place. Like... Steve Vick.

Keep Your Krishna Off My Legislature!

Steve Vick, senator, Republican... and did I even have to mention that?... from Dalton Gardens, the very same Panhandle squat that provided us with Vito Barbieri. He and two others—Sheryl Nuxoll and Lori Den Hartog from Cottonwood and Meridian, respectively—refused to attend a recent morning ritual because the opening prayer was delivered by a Hindu.

They each, in their own incoherent ways, tried to justify their disgusting and juvenile behavior with the same old cock 'n' bull about this being a Christian nation blah blah; founded on Judeo-Christian principles blah blah; and they just didn't think it was right that the Idaho Senate, which should set an example for how Idahoans should be blah blah, would allow some Hindu to come in and pray, as he did, that these senators should be mindful of the welfare of others—horrors!

When I started this piece, I meant to include some statements Vick made, about how Hindus worship cows and how they don't have the same work ethic we have and blah blah blah, but... the hell with it. If you need any more evidence that Steve Vick is a dumbshit other than his vulgar, hillbilly rudeness, maybe you're a dumbshit, too.

So what say we listen to some music to blow away the foul stench of bigotry. I've been looking for an excuse to put this piece in the blog. I heard it for the first time on KBSU a few weeks back and fell in love with it. It's by a Brit, Peter Maxwell Davies, and he wrote it (in the late '70s, I think) to note the passing of a pastoral way of life on an island in the sea north of Scotland because a huge mine was opening there. Called Farewell to Stromness, it could as easily be called Farewell to Any Number of Once Remarkable Places, Idaho Included.

I have two renditions here—one for solo piano, the original instrumentation, and another for a guitar quartet. I warn you: this tune may stay in your head for the rest of the day.

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