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The Mesopotamian Treasure Valley

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Sometimes a life puts you in unexpected situations, when you have to start your life again in another place, in another world, suddenly, without any notification. Most of the time you do not have many options to choose but sometimes you are lucky to get one—as I have!

So, you take an option and you go with it. How will your life turn out? This depends on your ability to communicate with this new world; some people can and some people cannot! We can see that as human beings most people would like to understand other cultures’ ideas. At the moment you see a stranger, you are curious about her or him and many questions are flowing from your mind.

The East and the West—two big sides in this world, both sides have similar ideas in their respective cultures and different ideas too! That is what I will try to put the light on in this blog. I will try to choose a different subject every time and I will draw or design an image as an expression of what I am attempting to communicate.


Lonely Soul, By Luma Jasim

Luma! This is the name my father bestowed upon me! I am coming from the ancient city of Baghdad in the land called Iraq which is called “Mahd Al Hadarat,” The Cradle of Civilizations. I am a recent resident in this beautiful valley, called “Wadii Al Rafidayn,” the Mesopotamian Treasure Valley. Shall I find my treasure here?

For the life of me, I cannot remember when and how. Art seduced me in the early years of my humble existence. And for some physiological reasons (as if there is any other reason), I found myself interested in the colors, drawings and art in general, so that led me to study in the Fine Arts College in Baghdad. There I chose the Graphic Design department. Then, this decision somehow led me to the animation world where I had the chance to get a nice advantage.

That was a brief glimpse of Luma!

I’ve lived and studied all my life in Baghdad except for the two years I lived in Istanbul, in Turkey and then I moved here to the “City Of Trees,” Boise, Idaho, seven months ago!

Now, I am feeling lucky to get the chance to write here, so that I may bring a voice from the Middle East, to the City of Boise where I have found what once I had lost — my home!

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