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A Trip With The Sun

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It was a long journey we made from the East, crossing the deep Atlantic Ocean toward the West, carrying with us the hope and looking forward to the mystical future.

I can talk about this immigration in two stages, the first stage started emotionally and mentally in our minds. It happened when we got the news that we are leaving to another part of this world, a big departure will lead us to our fate, as a salvation to flee from the unbelievable reality of life.

“You will go to Boise, Idaho!” This is all what we knew about the part of the USA where we were moving, which we had not heard about before! Every time we talk about the USA, we would think of California, New York, Florida, Washington, Michigan… and many other well-known names, but we never heard of IDAHO state!!!


Immigration, By Luma Jasim

I went back directly to my room, opened my laptop and started searching in Google Earth to determine this secret area, “Idaho…” Then, I found it! All my attention was focused on it. Is this you, Idaho? Are you our PEACE? This is the place that our destiny leads us to! So many questions and images flowing up into my mind without end! How will it look? How is the life there? Are the people friendly there? Is it big or small city? … etc.

There’s no doubt it will be a different image than what we have; first of all I can see that it’s a small city, not like Baghdad. Second, it’s full with nature all around, full with different kinds of trees and the mountains in the north. That’s why hunting and camping are one of the main activities there.

That was the first stage, full with imaginations. Then the second one was when the real moving started. When we started to be closer to the reality, we flew from Istanbul, Turkey (our first stop after leaving Baghdad) and from there to Frankfurt, Germany to Miami, Florida to Denver and then to Boise, Idaho.

We were moving with the sun wherever it moves, running away from the night all the time, on this day we spent all the 24 hours without night. It looked like a sign to the beginning of different life, telling us to be ready for the changes.

Everyone can imagine how hard it could be to change everything in your life suddenly. All the things we used to see or live, and what we have built for years, unexpectedly you have to say goodbye to all of them. What you had, your friends, family and all whom you loved.

You may try to imagine that and you think that you can feel how it is, but actually all that you obtain is only an illusion of an idea, which is nothing if you compare it with the actual sensation when you live this experience. When you taste it and smell it.

It’s hard and painful most of the time, but it will give you a strong power of understanding for things in life and you may start to appreciate a lot of things that you own before but you wouldn’t be able to see it as now.

Pain can make you more beautiful in your mind and your spirit; the oysters make those beautiful pearls only because of their pain… our pain make those pearls in our minds but with a different look. The pearls of our mind come as great ideas and a strong power to fight for life, mind, rights and for freedom. Shall we find all this here after this long journey to IDAHO?

But the question is what happened to force this immigration? What kind of power can make all these families leave all what they have and decide to find other home?

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