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It was like a dream, a night mare as we all got waken up by a heavy bomb at three in the morning...
i love to sleep in my short and topless but it wasn't easy for those that sleep cloth-less
for they had to run naked. peeping through the window seeing neighbors houses on fire,
the next thing on your mind is that, my house is next and i have to do all possible to evacuate.

in less than thirty seconds from the time the war started, the street are already crowded and one part of the city looked as if it has never been habitat. merging in the crowd of tens of thousand that we had no clue where we were herding, walking on the speed of a tortoise while people at the end of the crowd are getting shot and those at the beginning are fighting to get in the middle thinking it is safer,while the ones in the middle are getting pushed and ran over by the crowd.
The crowd was large with some people are carrying foods,blankets or children on their heads,backs or shoulders while i was carrying my younger brother. It did not take long before people started throwing things and forcing children to walk endeavoring to make themselves flexible. you would see people taking off their jackets , jeans, hats and other thing and throw them as every one wanted to be flexible and light. this will continue as a dream, but a kind of dream that every one wants to be the survivor. without counting time or mileage, the sun goes down and set again but the walk continues with the strongest surviving. feet swelling but it's hard to feel the pain,when you are getting shot at. in these speeds, you'll end up walking for weeks before getting to safety and that is if you did not get shot dead.
It's always an honor to narrate this piece of my life. I am in Toronto Canada today after reuniting with my old refugees friends at a friend's wedding that was resettled here and soon i will bring it to you how it feels to travel freely in different countries after a long time of isolation as a refugee.

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