Wednesday, August 26, 2009

World of Papers

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This is an Arabic saying which means “The best speech is that which is succinct and with a clear meaning.” So, get to the point in a few words and in a short time…

I've known this wise adage for a long time, but now, the American obsession with paper work has reinforced its importance. You always have to fill out papers with a lot of information. If you go to the hospital you will feel sicker from all the time that you must spend filling out papers with a long list of questions … When you want to rent a house you should take a day off so you can read the lease!!

I am not exaggerating; it took me three hours to fill out an application for housing!!! And you get more than that when you want to attend the collage because at this time you will find an ocean of papers and you can not distinguish which way to go or where you should start 'till you ask someone who can show you the way. But you will never finish all that you need without going again and again to different people who are working on this job "to show you the way!!!"

I think we should use this time instead in a useful manner, like reading, working, doing our hobbies drawing, and listening music, spending more time with the family and having a rest...

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