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ReVOLTING across the land! AZ/NM/TX

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As a band on tour, you get into a rhythm of sorts....after about a week it takes hold, and you sometimes forget what day it is, or even what time of day it is. The insides of truck stops begin to look alike, and the snack selection is the last thing you want to look at. It becomes a challenge as to how many water bottles you can consume, and hold in without dying before the next rest stop. Sometimes you hit a few miles of road that resembles a stretch of home. You get sleep when you can, and push forward with the journey. We feel fortunate to be out on the road doing what we enjoy most, and have had a great time over the past week. Everyone is healthy, excited to play, and we have yet to claw each others eyes out: )


Since our last entry we have been to Las Cruces, NM and San Angelo.

We arrived in Las Cruces around 8PM Sunday night. We had been driving all day from Tucson, and grabbed the first cheap hotel we found. It was one of our only days off for the tour, so we made the most of it by staying in and charging the batteries.

The next day, we checked out, and found a museum, some food, and a bookstore. We arrived at Equinox (the venue), and met up with the Hermit Thrushes. We had played together in Nampa at the Flying M Coffee Garage in February, and it was good to catch up. They played an amazing set, bouncing off the walls, and full of energy.

As the sun set, we felt a chill in the air. Friends of ours touring the area have been experiencing the same weird unexpected weather in their travels as well.
We went on around 9PM just after Hermit Thrushes. Portland friends The Slants rolled in just as we took the stage. It was good to see so many fellow musicians under the same roof. We played a blistering set, similar to what we did in Tucson. The energy in the room was awesome. The Slants went on after us, delivering a great performance as usual. They were launching themselves off road cases, and Aaron was swinging his mic like a lasso gone wrong.

We had to hit the road at the end of their set. We made the choice to drive all night (8-9 hours) to San Angelo. It was totally crazy, and made perfect sense at the same time. It was beautiful driving through El Paso at night. The GPS lit up a big line showing the border to the United States and Mexico. We passed Juarez, and pulled off to grab some fresh air. The stars were dazzling as we were away from the city lights. After some gazing, we saddled up and headed for San Angelo. We encountered a check point just thereafter. We were waved aside, and Border Patrol k-9ed us up good. After freezing our asses off for 30 minutes outside of our van, they sent us on our way. We finally rolled into San Angelo around 9 a.m., and passed out hard.

We woke at 4PM well rested and headed to the show. We played with Big Wheel Stunt Show (Tacoma), and All Bets on Death (Seattle) at The Dead Horse. The sound system was awesome, and the staff were all great to work with. All the bands on board played great sets, and we left feeling good about the night.

Next up:
3/17 • Bryan, Texas • Stafford on Main
3/18 • Houston, Texas • Super Happy Funland Fest
3/19 • SXSW
3/20 • San Antonio, Texas • Music Connection

see our website:, or our myspace for more details and show listings.
Cheers for now!

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