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Finn Riggins @ SXSW 2010 — last day

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SXSW Mar 20th -- Worlds Greatest Ghosts at Portland Indie Industry Party at The Liberty
  • SXSW Mar 20th — World's Greatest Ghosts at Portland Indie Industry Party at The Liberty

been driving north thru texas and oklahoma most of the day on our way to Tulsa... several wrecks, construction and general traffic have us running late for our show tonight at the Soundpony Lounge — a rad bicycle bar right next to the historic Cain's Ballroom. we're playing with The Bears of Blue River (chicago) and Blue Skies For Black Hearts (portland) at Soundpony and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club is playing next door at Cain's. all of us coming from SXSW, going to feel like an extension of the festival i'm sure....

the last day of SXSW in Austin for us was pretty epic. started with waking up to a sudden turn in the weather as it had turned very unseasonably cold for Austin (as low as 38 degrees!). but the festival went on without much delay or hesitation. still masses of people and bands all over... we played a day party out E 6th St at a cool bar called The Liberty - in their backyard - put on by Tender Loving Empire, Riot Act and Smoke Signals Booking and dubbed the Portland Indie Industry Party. we were honored to be invited to play with our buds Jared Mees & The Grown Children + World's Greatest Ghosts + Shellshag (nyc) + Boy Eats Drum Machine + Wampire as well as Blunt Mechanic (seattle) + All Smiles + Carolyn Mark. despite the cold, we all used it as a rallying point (that and the free beer) and definitely made the most of it. Wampire got down to their undies during their last song and Cam rocked our whole set in just his boxers, scarf and stocking cap. Northwest represent. tough blooded. our set was fun. cool crew there to experience it with us, and the sun came out briefly in the middle of Hraka. it was awesome. here's what The Oregonian had to say about our portion of the show as well as some other SXSW comments and Sasquatch sighting: Oregonian SXSW review

we had to rush and pack up to get to our load-in for our official SXSW showcase back down 6th in the heart of the festival... literally 1/2 mile away and yet took us almost an hour because of traffic. it was nutzzz. our show that night was at Habana Calle 6 a cool little joint along the creek/canal running through town and we were thankful — with a 1am slot — to be on the inside stage. this show was hosted by Burnside Distribution and also featured Visqueen (Seattle) + Parlour Steps (Vancouver, BC) + Dave Rave (Hamilton, ON) + All Smiles (Portland) + Tiger City (Brooklyn).

we had been joking all week — with the 1am Saturday slot for our official showcase — that we were playing the "SXSW afterparty" and it certainly had that feel to it as many of our friends and other show goers made it their last stop of the festival. in fact, we were shocked how many people were there and were pretty moved by all our friends that made the effort to be there. as well as a bunch of other folks with apparently nothing better to do in the midst of some 100 other bands playing at the same time. pretty awesome. thank you thank you thank you! after dealing with the Brooklyn band dragging their feet on and off the stage and playing long and trying to play longer before we put our foot down and made sure they left us some time to play. !!!!!!. the show ran on time all night until their set. we started 30min late with only 30min till we had to be done because of closing time. we were fired up and we let 'er rip. it was cathartic. it was awesome. thanks to everyone that was there! it ended with our friends and teammates Jared Mees, Nathan Walker and Ryan Dornfeld on stage dancing and clapping and singing along with us and the rest of the crowd (lisa on the floor in their midst) for an extended version of "A President, A Pacifist, An Auto Restorer".... couldn't have asked for a better way for our first SXSW experience to culminate. we milked the after party with our new friends Niall, Paul, Will, and Gary from Autumn Owls (Ireland) that we met in Vegas at the Neon Reverb Festival 10 days earlier. they're hilarious. psyched they helped close the festival down with us.

after a solid 5 hours of sleep we showered up and headed for one last breakfast taco mission than hit the road for Tulsa. SXSW a crazy blurry week of memories behind us. thanks to our friend Polly for the cozy place to crash the last couple of nights!!

breakfast tacos!!!  Austin, TX
  • breakfast tacos!!! Austin, TX

more updates and photos soon. hopefully. if you haven't already, check out Gavin Dahl's (official BW correspondent at SXSW) accounts from the festival. we met up with him throughout the adventure and he was constantly seeking out awesomeness. he's got some great photos and interviews from the last week.

wild wild wild. what an amazing experience. made tons of new friends and deepened several other friendships with folks from all over. can't imagine having a better time. can't wait for next year. can't wait till there's an Idaho showcase. official or unofficial. let's make it happen!

in the meantime, our spirits are high! still buzzing from one of the most amazing experiences we've had yet as a band and pumped to be heading out East for 2 months playing a bunch of places we haven't played since 2008! full updated tour schedule at

thanks to all of you that continue to show us love and support. means a ton. hugs.

thank you

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