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Day 27/80 — headed SouthEast: Oklahoma - Arkansas - Tennessee

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very very very excited to be back in the Southeast. both for the music loving people and for the food. our post-SXSW adventure is off to a great start with two awesome off-night shows at a couple of our favorite stops on our tours in 2008...

after a long drive north out of Austin on Sunday we rocked the Soundpony Lounge with The Bears of Blue River from Chicago and Blue Skies for Black Hearts from Portland. both were sweet. we'd played with Blue Skies before, but definitely dug this set a lot more. nice when bands are setup on the floor and everything is a little more raw and rough around the edges. always seems to bring out the soulful aspects of live music. cool to rendezvous with them in Tulsa before they beeline West as they'll be at our beloved Visual Arts Collective in Garden City by Friday. if you're in Boise, go see them on Friday at VAC!! there are rad shows at VAC all week and weekend. go see them!! http://www.visualartscollective.com/

The Bears of Blue River were soooo sweet. both as people and musically. very very cool stuff. it was a rad night. LOVE the Soundpony. a bicycle bar. great staff. very cool scene. original touring bands every night of the week. love it. we crashed that night with two very sweet locals — Debbie and Jack — who let us sleep till noon the next day. much needed sleep after the madness in Austin! thank you thank you thank you to them! rad people. enjoyed hanging with them over coffee once we finally arose.

spent yesterday enjoying a casual drive through the backroads of Oklahoma to avoid the toll road and enjoy the local scenery... and scored an incredible "homecookin" local buffet joint to eat our 3pm breakfast at. apparently ran by some Amish folks, it was obviously the hip food hangout for the locals in the tiny town of Chouteau, OK. amazing food. and lots of it. beef brisket. mashed potatoes. salad. sweet potatoes. roasted turkey. cobbler. sweet tea. carrot cake. oh my. we paced ourselves. ate a plenty and managed to escape still able to walk. local diners and restaurants are definitely where it's at. always. real talk. the Dutch Pantry "Homecookin Buffet" was an upper tier score. real talk

Dutch Pantry -- Chouteau, OK
  • Dutch Pantry — Chouteau, OK

food almost gone
  • they had a sign that read "take however much you want but eat whatever you take"

they had a sign that read take however much you want but eat whatever you take -- we obeyed
  • we obeyed

we played in Arkansas on two successive tours in 2008. spring and fall. both times we just absolutely loved it. cool people. great shows. so we were really excited to get back to Fayetteville, AR - a rad college town (Univ of Arkansas) in the Ozarks in the northern part of the state. we played at historic George's Majestic last night. great show. both local bands were sweet and a nice crowd. especially liked Hosta all Clash meets Sly & Robbie meets early Blondie or Talking Heads. it was fun. and great to see some of the friends we'd made two years ago. Roger from a band called The Counterlife set the show up and hosted us for the night. i could go on and on. i love tour. i love everything about it. we've been driving for 11hrs and 650miles today to get to Knoxville, TN. 50miles to go. and it doesn't bother me. i love the sights. drove through Memphis and Nashville today. Tennesee is awesome. stoked to be back in Knoxville and really really excited to be back in Chattanooga tomorrow.

man. i'm so stoked and excited about everything. i really need to expand my vocab.


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