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The Damphools: Montana weekend...

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Well this is our first entry in the tour mode. It’s a short one, as we didn’t really “tour”. We went to Montana for the weekend and played a couple of shows, bought some trinkets and baubles, drank of the brown liquor, annoyed some locals, trashed a hotel and got the hell out of there before the cops came.
Flipper the Van at her Casino...
  • Flipper the Van at her Casino...

Missoula was great. We played at The Badlander which was a blast. We had a good crowd. It was the first Friday of Spring Break so everyone was in party mode. Victor, the sound guy was great. He showed up late from a previous gig and did a rad job at getting the show going. “Lil Smokies” a local shit hot bluegrass band opened the night. Six dudes, six instruments and three part harmonies. Harmo-what? Anyway, they were great. Fueled by the extra hour or so of drinking we had- we cut through 2 hours of music like it was butter. It was a lot of new material and the older originals. We also fed em some Merle and Jimmy Martin. We then locked ourselves in the “green room” or the “electrical meter room” for about an hour until the bartender (who had a rad moustache) told us we had to load out. So we giggled our way through loading up the van and headed for food. We were corralled at the food joint by one armed Richie Romance and Tattooed Pearl who had been at the show. Pearl had a beautiful tribal tattoo in the middle of her forehead (except it leaned a little to the left- but it’s a face tattoo, so what are you gonna say). Richie Romance actually had two arms, but one didn’t work (moto accident). However he insisted on holding it up with his other arm to shake hands. It was a little David Lynch. After Chicken Fried Steak and Eggs and lots of coffee, we went back to the motel. The Bel Aire in Missoula. Highly recommend it. Our vices took over at the motel and the rest we will leave to the imagination to protect the guilty. The next day we hung out in Missoula for a while. We bought a new chillum for the band and visited some record stores. Damn the Hard Times is now available at Ear Candy in Missoula. Rico bought a new guitar- a cheap little Epiphone Les Paul Special- with plans to hot rod it into a top fuel dragster. Then it was off to Helena.
Our view of Helena...
  • Our view of Helena...

Helena was even better than Missoula. The Jester’s Bar in Helena is where everyone who goes to Helena should drink. It’s seedy; it’s creepy, evil clowns, heavy metal jukebox, strong drinks, bikers, Indians, greasers, punks and college kids (at least the brave ones). It’s our second time there, and Chad- the owner- took care of us once again. Thanks Chad. The house was packed and the sets were on fire. Rico slayed with his new guitar (Lil’ Lucy) and the crowd got crazier and crazier until they were booted out around 3am. We went to a casino afterwards for coffee and a little Keno. Rico won 50 bones. We stayed at our friends Ryan and Danya’s house which happens to be the oldest house in Helena. It sits above town across from the cathedral and treats you to spectacular views of the valley. It was so awesome that Fisher (our drummer) slept out in the yard.
Bloody Marys anyone?
  • Bloody Mary's anyone?

Then came sleep.
Upon our awakening we headed out looking for Bloody Mary’s. We found em!
The drive home went well.
Pics on the way.
On the next episode: Salt Lake City

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