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Day 35/80 — Ghost Tours, Georgia + Carolina Coast, general awesomeness

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Savannah, GA -- our Ghost Tour vehicle from the full moon lit night of Mar 30th
  • Savannah, GA — our Ghost Tour vehicle from the full moon lit night of Mar 30th
been a wild wild string of days out here in the Southeast and have been slacking on internet time in the midst of it all... all kinds of goodness, but last night's 2 hr cruise in a convertible 1981 Cadillac Hearse between 3-5am on the empty streets of Savannah, GA with a private Ghost Tour guide (thanks Louis!!!) running us through war stories and haunting stories and old graveyards and houses and all kinds of other epic and somewhat creepy historic knowledge pretty much took the cake. that and the open container law in Savannah allowed me to be sipping some cheap beer the whole time. saw where Forrest Gump told his life story on a park bench, the first girl scout office, a crazy old abandoned hospital that once housed yellow fever victims at a time when 15 deaths a night was a good night, and scores of other old haunted buildings from the centuries of blood spilled in Savannah. and it was a full moon. mind blowing.
Savannah, GA plaza fountain and full moon
  • Savannah, GA plaza fountain and full moon

Savannah, GA chillin in Forsyth Park with Hello Shark
  • Savannah, GA chillin in Forsyth Park with Hello Shark

Savannah during the day was pretty wild too. hung out in Forsyth Park in the afternoon with our musical compadres for the evening — Hello Shark — and some friends. Helloooooo shark!! love them. they were rad last night at B&B Alehouse. closed their set with the first 1/3 of Free Bird. who does that? and pull it off? it was sweet. they leave on tour on Saturday. we first played with Lincoln in Vermont in 2008, he lived in Boise last year for awhile. he'll be out West in a month. check em out. Hello Shark
Savannah, GA -- big pink
  • Savannah, GA — big pink

Savannah, GA
  • Savannah, GA

loving all the old buildings out here on the South Atlantic Coast. Charleston, SC the night before was similarly blowing our mind. so much history in these towns. got the locals tour from our hosts Tony and Kelli. show there was at a cool DIY space called OUTER SPACE. byob and super laid back. loved it. we were joined by locals The Royal Tinfoil and Cabbage. there was a found art show in the space at the time, one piece featured found Polaroid homemade soft porn photos from the 70s. Outer Space is awesome! been a long time coming, but have always wanted to play the final frontier. cool scene in Charleston. big bike culture. dig it.
3-29-10 OUTER SPACE in Charleston, SC -- photo by Jill Hunter
  • 3-29-10 OUTER SPACE in Charleston, SC — photo by Jill Hunter

3-29-10 OUTER SPACE in Charleston, SC -- photo by Jill Hunter
  • 3-29-10 OUTER SPACE in Charleston, SC — photo by Jill Hunter

it's been such an awesome week. hard to squeeze it all in. love the South. so thankful to be back. all the shows have been great and we're incredibly thankful to all our friends from past trips out here for their hospitality and for rallying for the shows. our Sunday show in Myrtle Beach, SC with Some Ambulance, Wicked Gift and Technicolor Void was soooo good. rad place called Drink! right next to one of at least 17 miniature golf courses we saw in Myrtle Beach, this one epically titled Mt. Atlanticus Minataur Goff. show was scheduled as a matinee to start at 4pm. fun crowd on a Sunday. we paid tribute to the several pancake houses in town and the miniature golf course and the cheap beach gear shops throughout our set. fun fun fun. can't thank Some Ambulance enough. awesome people. even let us stay in their warehouse practice space in which we were serenaded all night by a torrential downpour on the metal roof of the building. in the morning we took advantage of the opportunity and setup and worked on some new tunes. got one rolling that was heavily influenced by Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach, SC -- Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff
  • Myrtle Beach, SC — Mt. Atlanticus Minotaur Goff

started that day at a crazy big southern buffet in Wilmington, NC bumping disco and soul at a good healthy volume for our hefty intake of pigs feet and cobbler with our friends Adam and Sarah who had hosted us the night before. Adam's rad band PONCHOS set us up once again with a show at The Soapbox Loundro Lounge. they played as well as other sweet sweet locals FRACTAL FARM. very very cool stuff. check these kids out. they'll hopefully be hitting the road soon and sharing their magic. they busted a rad Peaches cover in the middle of their set that was both hilarious and awesome. it was a super fun show. not packed by any means, but a nice solid crew that fired up the dance party through most of our closing set. so thankful to have shows like these so far from home. kids singing along and shaking their asses. love it.

Wilmington, NC -- Soapbox Laundro Lounge
  • Wilmington, NC — Soapbox Laundro Lounge

this stretch of shows started on Friday night in Raleigh, NC at this rad little festival ran by friends called Let Feedback Ring Fest. we got out of Asheville late so unfortunately missed our friends Ponchos and Jews & Catholics play the early set at a place called Sadlack's, but we got to see them all over at our late show at Slim's Downtown. local hero Jason Kutchma (Red Collar, etc) opened. we had a bunch of friends there that we'd met on trips past. between the aforementioned our friend Marty, Corbie running the festival and our friends from GRAY YOUNG who closed the night out. and effin incredible. even better before. definitely check them out. hopefully drag them out West sometime. a pretty sweet band from DC called Solar Powered Sun Destroyer played in between us and them. they were good guys. enjoyed them. they were pretty frazzled from a long traffic heavy drive and were definitely ready to cut loose.

so yeah, lots of awesomeness. i always think i'm just gonna post a couple sentences and a picture, but have a hard time resisting being more thorough about our experience out here on the independent music battlefield. so much that can never be told. but really thankful for all the people that have been helping these shows rule and taking good care of us. and thankful for the 70 degree weather and sunshine as we cruise into the heart of Florida for our show in Orlando tonight... but not before meeting up with our homeys TARTUFI. hells yeah!! they're in Florida right now too and we're meeting up for some food and horseshoes as we cross paths. ummm. excited? yes. and excited for our 4 shows all over Florida the rest of this week.

gotta go. drive is over. hope you're enjoying the tales and hope all is well.


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