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Day 39/80 — Finn Riggins in Florida

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Florida wetlands sleeping spot
  • Florida wetlands sleeping spot
we wrapped up the first half of tour with four epic days in Florida and now enjoying an Easter day off to recharge our batteries before another 40 days tromping around the US sowing our rock and roll seeds. Florida ended up being the perfect place to be right in the middle of tour as it certainly felt like the vacation-like stretch as we spent a couple of days on the beach near Port St. Lucie enjoying mid 70 degree weather and lots and lots of sunshine. we did, however, sleep in the van a couple of nights by the water and went without showers for a few days in a row - just bathing in the Atlantic. nice, but a little taxing at times too. the showers we got yesterday morning before leaving Gainesville were heavenly.
gilbert and bouiss -- atlantic ocean, florida
  • gilbert and bouiss — atlantic ocean, florida

gilbert and bouiss underwater exploring -- atlantic ocean, florida
  • gilbert and bouiss underwater exploring — atlantic ocean, florida

all the shows were great. really dig the varied Florida scene. met some cool kids at our Orlando show on Wednesday at The Peacock Room with locals Alias Punch (who were rad!) and hung out late night comparing geographic and cultural notes between Florida and Idaho. the next night we rocked the Little Haiti district of Miami at the historic Churchill's Pub. really tough part of town, but this was definitely the venue for us. right next to a cool record store and steeped in rock and roll history and cheap beer. great scene. and the local band that closed the night out were super nice and a rad rad band called Radioboxer . super fun. can't wait to get back there and play with them again. if only Miami wasn't 2,850 miles from Boise we'd be back there more often for sure.

Friday we played a full acoustic Finn Riggins set to close out a non-promoted and thus sparsely attended show at The Kickstand — Gainesville Bicycle Project — a diy warehouse space and community bike shop. had me thinking of our homeys back home at that Boise Bicycle Project. really dug the locals that played on short notice, especially Lindsey Mills, and it was her totally acoustic and precious set of tunes right before us that inspired us to go all acoustic for the night. seemed to go alright, definitely lacked the normal Finn Riggins punch, but something we hope to continue refining.

lisa disco dancing in the van
  • lisa disco dancing in the van

last night in Jacksonville was ridiculously incredible. 12 bands starting at 3pm and not ending until nearly 3am at Lomax Lodge. free BBQ outside, rock bands inside. hosted by Infintesmal Records, a local record label that started just over a year ago and has been picking up steam swiftly. we met and played with some of the founders and bands involved back on our Spring 2008 US tour and really hit it off with them, but it took us two years to get back — another place we wish was much much closer to our home in Idaho. really epic day and night of bands, highlights including, but not limited to Dig Dog, Honey Chamber, Opiate Eyes, Borromokat, The Great Working, and hosts Memphibians. nothing like a thickly smoke filled bar for 12 hours of loud and dirty rock music to set one fired up for a day off. really cool scene in Jax. and loved the black bean burgers, avocado mango salsa and the peach cobbler!! definitely hope to be back to Jax in less than two years this time around. played Pannin For Gold last night as an encore by request — hadn't played it for awhile. good 'ol Idaho song.

hope all is well back home! sorry it's been snowing while we've been in perfect sunny degree weather...
second half of tour starts tomorrow in Charlotte with a show with Past Lives (former Blood Brothers). and then off to Atlanta and Athens and Asheville. very very very excited. but for now, we relax. Easter dinner here we come!

team finn riggins says hi from our somewhat smelly tour beast Ghost Ghost.

PS almost forgot, i guess yesterday was national pillow fight day and on our way to our BBQ show in Jacksonville we came across a big pillow fight in a park. so we jumped in (Cam mostly). here are some photos (sans any of us). it was pretty epic. i've never experienced a pillow fight that big before. feathers flying everywhere.

pillow fight!! -- park in Jacksonville, FL
  • pillow fight!! — park in Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL -- national pillow fight day!
  • Jacksonville, FL — national pillow fight day!

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