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Finn Riggins US Tour day 50/80 — North Carolina // Virginia // headwounds // headed to Washington DC on tax day, today!

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spring in asheville, nc
  • spring in asheville, nc

yep. day 50. crazy. one month left. been LOVING the southeast... always love it here.... but our extended stay on this trip has spoiled us sufficiently and we're leaving kicking and screaming... ok, not that dramatic, but we are going to miss it... headed north now up the East Coast. played in Richmond, VA last night, we'll be in Washington DC tonight for a big show and fundraiser for the Sunlight Foundation to aid their efforts toward increased government transparency. very excited for the show and to be a part of their cause.

Happys -- Roanoke, VA
  • Happy's — Roanoke, VA

been an interesting final stretch in the southeast.... enjoyed a couple of gorgeous days in Asheville, NC. played some basketball, some of us got some hiking in, played a couple of sweet shows, chilled out... it was rad. then cruised up to Roanoke, VA on Sunday and played this crazy bingo house — Bamboo Bingola — in a big flea market building — Happy's — with a very eclectic lineup of locals including buds Nancy & 2 Meteors who we played with again last night. pretty wild show. and psyched we got to see our friendz from the hilarious hip-hop sensation ILLBOTZ as they made it out the show to hang with us. bummed we didn't get a dose of the ILLBOTZ live experience, but nice to get the blast from the past. they're reuniting with a big new album on the horizon. get excited. gyeaaaaahh!

Texas Tavern in Roanoke, VA -- YES, ladies enjoy eating here on the door
  • Texas Tavern in Roanoke, VA — "YES, ladies enjoy eating here" on the door

after the show we cruised downtown to one of our food highlights from tour's past — Texas Tavern — where even the "ladies enjoy eating". it was epic. i had a Cheesy Western, with. Lisa and our new friend Amanda both definitely seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

on Monday we had a day off and spent it in Durham, NC with our friend Marty Party. she's an awesome host, and despite being bit severely in the head by her piano during a mid afternoon rock out sesh in her apartment — back of the head gash, 8 staples in the head, full recovery seems likely — we LOVED hanging with her for our last couple of days in the Southeast. tacos! brownies! sherlock holmes! coffee! breakfast tacos! lasagna! chimay! — it was pretty wonderful.

gilberts head wound from rogue piano -- 8 staples later he stopped bleeding
  • gilbert's head wound from rogue piano — 8 staples later he stopped bleeding

played on Tuesday night in Chapel Hill, NC at this sweet sweet place called Nightlight. love it there. vibe reminds of Visual Arts Collective in Boise. nice little Tuesday night crowd and we were stoked to play with our friend Kellie Ann Grubbs — i was sincerely moved by her set. very cool stuff. and our buddies Where The Buffalo Roamed rocked the night to a close. good times. i love the Chapel Hill / Durham area. very cool music scene. good people. wish it wasn't so far from home. :)

The Camel -- Richmond, VA
  • The Camel — Richmond, VA

Cheese Manor -- Richmond, VA
  • Cheese Manor — Richmond, VA

show last night in Richmond was very cool. have always heard great things about The Camel and it didn't disappoint. couple of sweet local bands played with us and Nancy & 2 Meteors. really really dug The Color Kittens in their co-ed garage-y glory ripping cute tunes about orgies and stds... openers Bear Witness were pretty straight forward punk rock and kind enough to let us crash in their massive Virginian palace — big studio in the basement and Simpsons shrine in the living room. and nice comfy couches... aka Cheese Manor

we're off to breakfast. then to DC. on tax day. last time we were there was election night 2008 and it was one of the most epic experiences the three of us have ever had. curious what this evening will bring with teabaggery in the streets as we help raise money for a non-profit after our hearts with a push toward increased government transparency... something we feel the Obama Administration has definitely improved upon — especially in the wake of the Bush nightmare — but there's of course definitely lots of room for improvement...

speaking of the Bush years — where the hell was the Tea Party then??? — or were they the same people telling us that we were unpatriotic for questioning the actions of our government with Iraq, the fiscal irresponsibility of the Bush administration, closed door energy policy being written by big oil, the Patriot Act, etc etc etc? it seems so. makes me question they're really who they say they are. apparently anti-govt is suddenly cool amongst the flag waivers who were shoving that down our throats less than two years ago... odd i'd say. sad state of affairs. the fact they worship Sarah Palin is the first clue to their lunacy.

lots of love. i'd prefer this over a tea party any day:

big hugz from all of us at team finn rigginz

Team Finn Rigginz
  • Team Finn Rigginz

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