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Finn Riggins in DC, Baltimore, Philly and the Northeast

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team Finn Riggins in front of our nations capitol on tax day.  no tea party protests in sight.
  • team Finn Riggins in front of our nation's capitol on tax day. no tea party protests in sight.

headed to Boston right now for a show at Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Day 56/80. just enjoyed a couple days mostly off with Lisa's family in New Hampshire. as the above photo reminds us, we were in the nation's capitol a week ago tomorrow. ran around the national mall trying to find the "massive" tea party protests... and despite what all the major new organizations seemed to report, they were pretty insignificant and hard to find. i engaged a few of them not far from the capitol and did my best to be cordial and ask fair questions... but they weren't too interested in discussing their beef. i asked them where they were during the Bush administration when all this national debt was being incurred and one lady simply said "raising kids" and walked off. uhhhhh.... ok.

the show that night was a fundraiser for the Sunlight Foundation and their efforts for more transparency in our government. it was a fun party. pies in faces and everything. had some fascinating conversation with them and among many other things learned that the Obama administration has taken huge strides toward making our government more transparent to us the people they represent — leaps and bounds over any previous administration. cool to hear from the ground there in DC from people working in the midst of it all that Obama really has brought a lot of positive change to the system no matter what any arm chair quarterback hundreds of miles away or jabbering media has to say about it. made the rock and roll all that more enjoyable that evening.

pie in the face!! pie in the face!!  4-15-10  Sunlight Foundation Fundraiser in Washington DC
  • pie in the face!! pie in the face!! 4-15-10 Sunlight Foundation Fundraiser in Washington DC

show in Baltimore on Friday was sweet. LOVE Baltimore. wish my camera wasn't dead and i wasn't so lazy because there's some great architecture there that i would've loved to give y'all a glimpse of. really cool art and music scene in Baltimore. we played at The Windup Space a rad art bar right in the thick of things. nice big space and stage and sweet sweet art on the walls. awesome owner/operator schooling us on some tasty local drinks. played with a couple of Future Islands side projects Moss of Aura and DJ Pancakes as well as solo experimental electronic project Sft Steps. sweet show. spent the night with our buddy Bob Keal from the band Small Sur — who we absolutely love. hit the local farmer's market with him the next morning and heard some cuts from his upcoming EP before hitting the road for Harrisburg.

got to Harrisburg early so we cruised to Hershey's Chocolate World and indoctrinated ourselves on their little disney tour of chocolate magic. pretty hilarious as they shoot you out into a big candy mall swarming with tourists. it was intense. we ran far far away. show that night was pretty incredible. The Lingerie Room is this underground warehouse venue. invite only. byob. big high ceilings. nice stage and sound system. it was wild. good turnout and absolutely loved our new friends from Brooklyn called Delicate Steve that played before and after us. mostly instrumental and mostly awesome. seriously, one of the coolest bands we've played with on this tour.

wall of war tvs at American History Museum in Wash DC
  • wall of war tvs at American History Museum in Wash DC

played at the infamous Danger Danger Gallery in Philadelphia on Sunday night with Delicate Steve once again and locals Controlled Storms and Sparta Philharmonic. all the bands were fantastic. very cool sunday night show. another cool diy space and great crowd. and we most definitely indulged in some philly cheese steaks. epic.

drove into the night towards New Hampshire and slept in the van just barely after New York City in a service area in Connecticut. slept very well believe it or not and woke up around 10am and continued onward getting up to NH in time for a birthday party with Lisa's family. it was awesome. lasagna. ice cream cake. forts. frog chasing. swing swinging.

got up early yesterday morning to go visit some music classes at Lisa's alma mater — Belmont High School. something we've done a couple other times on past tours. love doing it. setup in the band room and played for the concert band and took questions and then stayed for the longer rock and roll history class and further discussed what it's like to be an independent touring rock musician these days. and talked about songwriting and played a bunch more tunes for them. fun group of kids. and cool that a lot of them remembered us and were excited to have us back. or maybe just excited to not have to do actual school work. :) ate hot lunch with a bunch of the students and then packed up and enjoyed another day off — which was nice, despite being bummed about our Portland, ME show that night being cancelled the day before. we watched 2012 instead. decent consolation prize. rare treat to watch a movie on tour.

here are our remaining shows in the Northeast. tell your friends!

4/21 JAMAICA PLAIN (boston), MA @ Midway Cafe
4/23 NORTHAMPTON, MA @ The Elevens
4/24 WINOOSKI (burlington), VT @ Monkey House Bar
4/25 MONTPELIER, VT @ The Lamb Abbey (all ages)
4/27 WATERBURY, CT @ Lil Tommy J's Home For Lost Boys (all ages)
4/28 NEW YORK, NY @ Cake Shop
4/29 BROOKLYN, NY @ Cameo Gallery
5/1 ONEONTA, NY @ Seen Un Seen (all ages)
5/2 ITHACA, NY @ Castaways

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