Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hopper & Low-Fi Breeze Through Three Daze

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Amy Atkins woke me up this morning with a text saying good to go on the blog - thanks Amy, but please, no more pre-11 a.m. ring rings. Needless to say I was excited cause there is stuff to report.

Low-Fi and I just wrapped up three dates in a row in Northern Idaho and Washington. First night was in Moscow, ID at John's Alley. The sound guy "Vert" was 7' tall. There were 2-for-1 burritos at Patty's Kitchen that night. Beer was free for the band. There were Finn Riggins posters everywhere for a gig they have in a few weeks. Local band guys Yarn Owl came out to the show along with some other friends. Low-Fi crashed in the Motor Inn nearby and I went to a friends where we stayed up late listening to records.

Usually spend most of my mornings on the road a. sleeping in and b. logging in. Right now I just woke up and am writing from the living room of one of Rundle's high school friends. It's a nice way to wake up. I feel connected still to all my friends and don't get lonely.

We were up until 6 a.m. last night playing a game dubbed "Back Hand Pass" where we all stood around in the kitchen and passed a square lighter around like a hackeysack using the back's of our hands. It was very entertaining I wish I had a video camera.

The shows all went well, everyone performed well. Low-Fi's new songs are sounding pretty sweet, I'm excited for their next record which they are working on now.

Hogan's Pub in Clarkston fed us dinner - blue cheese burgers and last night the club made us some pizzas with marinara and pesto. Now I'm getting hungry already. Gotta cut this blog short.

Low-Fi heads to Seattle today, I head to Yakima. It's sunny and beautiful. Hope you are having a great day. Total hours slept so far in 3 days: 15. Americano's drank: 3. Best meal: Black Cypress in Pullman - Pork Loin with potato medallions.

My big disappointment of the week was being recommended to try the nachos at Baby Bar by Kaylee Cole. The nachos were pretty weak, and I wasn't even hungry but I ate them anyway. The good news is that the Baby Bar's Greyhound with fresh squeezed grapefruit was sublime.

over and out, hopper

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