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Finn Riggins in the Midwest — Day 71 / 80 spring US Tour

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caged TV on Trees Farm in Middletown, OH
  • caged TV on Tree's Farm in Middletown, OH

leaving NYC last friday was a little bittersweet, but we were rewarded with incredible spring weather in upstate New York and some quality time with some old friends. both shows (Oneonta and Ithaca) with Joseph Von Stengel on digital mashup projections were really fun. turnouts weren't as great as we were hoping for, but the artistic collab time was plenty worth it. we filmed some footage with Joe and his family over the weekend for a fun video for "Dali" that will probably see the light of day sometime this summer. had a nice BBQ on saturday in their backyard. felt like summertime.

Dali video shoot in the Von Stengel dining room
  • Dali video shoot in the Von Stengel dining room

on Monday, left Ithaca and began the move westward, pointing our headlights to Cleveland, OH. caught up with our friends the Hershmanns in Shaker Heights before the show. and after dinner we had the worst internal fight of tour in the van on our way to the show. it was gnarly. damn near tore us all to shreds. we threw some duct tape on our still unresolved disagreements to get by for the show at Pat's In The Flats that night in an old industrial area of Cleveland. very historic bar for underground music. not as central to the scene as it once was, but still steeped in the raw traditions of independent rock and roll. setting and high emotions led to an inspired set that night. locals Safari, Chief Bromide and Throbbing Griswold were cool too. good monday night show thanks to our man Lightning Fingers. went to bed late at our generous hosts place, hurt feelings still lingering in silence.

the thinker in the hershmann courtyard
  • the thinker in the hershmann courtyard

  • Hershmann's

woke up to an absolutely serene and gorgeous day a this beautiful place we were staying. generous breakfast spread out for us. still pretty quiet around each other. we had set our sights on the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame before leaving town thanks to our hosts generous offer to cover our admission. so after some quiet time in the courtyard with our thoughts we packed up and headed that direction. a nice mood had been set and provided fertile ground for a big healing conversation that had us all hugging fully reconciled by the time we got to the rock Hall. communication continues to be our most valuable asset to stay sane in such tight quarters for so long. i'm amazed we do as well as we do. 3 months is a long time at sea on such a small boat. glad i get to do it with two of my bestest friends.

fantasy land
  • fantasy land

spring clouds in ohio
  • spring clouds in ohio

last couple of times in Middletown, OH we had played at our friends Tree and Danni's Farm. this time they setup a show in town at The Venue @ Kidd Coffee. cool space. The Spring Standards from New York got in touch about a month ago and jumped on as openers. rad people. great addition to the show. nice to be back in Middletown. and good time hanging out at Tree's Farm later that night and the next day with the family.

caged TV and Xander on Trees Farm in Middletown, OH
  • caged TV and Xander on Trees Farm in Middletown, OH

last time we'll be on the farm. it's being torn down and clear cut so that more coke can be harvested from the ground for the nearby steel mills. pretty sad to see and hear about. the economic downturn definitely seems to have hit Ohio particularly hard. this stuff once was inside a barn

this was once a barn.  Trees farm.  Middletown, OH
  • this was once a barn. Tree's farm. Middletown, OH

Trees farm fans
  • Tree's farm fans

Trees farm Middletown, OH
  • Tree's farm Middletown, OH

Porsche on the farm in Middletown, OH
  • Porsche on the farm in Middletown, OH

had an amazing time last night with our friends the Fitzpatricks in Indianapolis. the kindness and generosity of others continues to move us each and every day as it helps keep us afloat out here in the wild waters of tour. so very thankful. what amazing people! everywhere. this country really is great. not just in the cities. and not just in "fly-over" states. lots of different points of view and experiences in this vast country to be had for sure, but don't let anyone convince you that any of us or "them" are any more or less American than anyone else. we're all good people. some with more struggles than others, but in the end the vast majority of us want to treat each other fairly and kindly and be good neighbors and partners in this great democratic experiment. from on the ground experiences all over this country i know this to be true and it's frustrating to see or hear any political party or movement or media outlet try to convince us otherwise. disagreement is healthy. genuine "fair and balanced" conversation is important. let's be civil and continue to strive to work together toward a brighter future for all of us. pretty please. oh yeah, and rock n roll is not evil and not dead. let's dance.


PS 10 shows in the next 9 days. the homestretch. full schedule at

PSS this blog in Rome, Italy just included some Finn Riggins in their latest podcast

PSSS had a blast at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. spent two solid hours there steeping in rock history. could've spent a couple more. and it turns out that they let touring bands in for FREE if you give them a copy of your CD. pretty awesome of them. we didn't know that. plan to spread the word to other unknowing touring bands. well worth the CD.

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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