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From Oregon POWER to California Dreamin

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Helllo from ReVoLtReVoLt! We have traveled from Salem (see our last BW Tour Mode entry) to Waldport where we played studio 34. It was a rad show packed with kids that were stoked to see live music. We played a short set, and after load out, we mingled with the locals a bit before heading back down the windy Alsea road to Corvalis for the night.

Outside of Corvalis w/Jal
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  • Outside of Corvalis w/Jal

Talent Here
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  • Talent Here

We woke early and headed from there to Ashland where we were set to play at Caledera Tap House. They are owned by the same folks that own the Caldera Brewery in Ashland. We received the full treatment there with an awesome menu, and a great beer selection for the fellas to choose from. We ate lunch, and then headed out on the town. Rain began to fall around 6pm, and people scurried about, trying to find cover. We went back to the Tap house, loaded in and started our set.
Serna @ Caldera Tap
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  • Serna @ Caldera Tap

We were will received, and met some cool locals throughout the evening. Our bartender Cindy took care of us, and after we helped her close the bar down, she took us down the street to finish up at another bar. We grabbed some late night food, and Cindy directed us to a safe level place to park the van for the night. We had a great first time in Ashland, and all agreed we will be back! We woke the next day, and headed south to............Eureka!
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  • Eureka

Factz- Eureka is the second largest bay in California, the Wiyot people lived in area for thousands of years prior to European arrival. It was founded in 1850, and the area is home to the tallest trees in the world, the Redwoods.
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  • Redwoods

Redwoods 2
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  • Redwoods 2

Paul Bunyan like the Redwoods too!
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  • Paul Bunyan like the Redwoods too!

We pulled in to Eureka around 5PM and headed directly to the Lil Red Lion. Pat (owner) greeted us with handshakes and smiles, along with food and bev. This was our second time at this venue, and we were glad to be back. We finished our food, and set up as we began to chat with the locals. While it was Sunday, and the crowd was somewhat small, everyone was ready to have a good night of it. We played all of the material from our album chordata, along with some new songs, and a few obscure tunes. Earlier in the day Benny and I had been chatting on the road in regards to our gas funds, and no-tel money.
Leaving Our Mark
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  • Leaving Our Mark

We both agreed we needed to be creative for the night as far as accommodations and merch sling our way into the night. We were laughing saying we would not be object to a hot tub either. Sooo....later into our set, I was tuning up the guitar, and I mentioned that we have our shirts and CDs up for sale, and we could use a good floor to lay our heads upon....when Benny reminded me about the hot tub. I said " yes, regardless to what rumors are circulating about, we do not object to hot tubs either." getting a slight chuckle out of the remark, we played on, finishing off the set. When we took a break, I went outside, and met a nice gal named Amy that was walking the bartenders dogs. We talked for a bit, and she had been watching the show, and liked our music. Our set had ended with a Wilco tune we like to throw in if the room feels right......She said she had a place, and we could stay if we liked. Super cool! She also said "It's kinda funny, but I have a hot tub too." Wayyyy cool!!!! We finished the night up at the Lil Red, gave our thanks, grabbed some bevs at the market next door, and headed out.
Ben Brunn â„¢ & Bock outside of Amys Hideaway in Eureka
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  • Ben Brunn â„¢ & Bock outside of Amy's Hideaway in Eureka

After arriving at Amy's house we had some snaks, played on the beautiful Kay acoustic she owned, and then Benny and I hit the hot tub full on. I had the Wilco song California Stars in my head, and couldn't have asked for a better way to end the night.
Hot Tubz in Eureka
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  • Hot Tubz in Eureka


G-Kiss Villa Leon warehouse (all ages show) Monday, and Ye Olde Hut on Tuesday.

Sandrini's on Wednesday

San Diego
Radio Room on Thursday

Rock City Studios on Friday

Check out the website for more info!

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