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Hillfolk Noir Tour

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Flagstaff, AZ July 8, 2010

Traviss Foot From the Highest Point in Arizona
  • Travis's Foot From the Highest Point in Arizona

We had a long drive today but the geography was stunning: lots of red rock, the Grand Canyon, and a big ole dam. Flagstaff is a funky little town that sits below a few wooded mountains in the middle of a desert. Two things made this gig really cool. First, we won over a skeptical crowd and ended the night with two encores. Second, our outdoor stage was across the street from a rail station. The sound of trains passing by is absolutely cool while playing train songs. Thanks to Brandon and Shannon, we got to take a free chairlift to the top of a peak at 11,500 ft with views of Flagstaff, the Grand Canyon, and a bunch of desert. The ride up was littered with various pine trees and aspens. Flagstaff really is an oasis among the desert. Mike the bass player didn’t think so at three in the morning when Travis tried to get into the van to sleep. While really fighting the idea of letting Travis share the van, Mike blurted, “Shut up Hazel and sit your ass down!” Travis eventually made it in.

Santa Fe, NM July 9, 2010

Cowgirl, Santa Fe
  • Cowgirl, Santa Fe

We weren’t quite sure what to think of Santa Fe, but arriving in a town where the architecture is predominantly Pueblo-style made it feel very much like planet Tatoonie of Star Wars. No Skywalkers here, just a Junkerdash band playing cool tunes at a restaurant with quite possibly the friendliest staff ever. The Cowgirl Bar and Grill was a Southwestern BBQ that hosts live music from eclectic acts from around the country. We felt honored to play here and hope to return, even if it means Jared sleeping on the roof of the van again.

Denver, CO July 10, 2010

Hillfolk Noir, Lions Lair
  • Hillfolk Noir, Lion's Lair

Day four without a shower and day five without sleeping in a proper bed did some bad things to our hygiene. Fortunately, this was all fixed in Denver. We had all of the above provided here. The partying here was bit much too. Our good buddy Rhett managed to get Mike drunk, while Jared’s parents, Fred and Penny, managed to get us drunk. Actually they got themselves drunk. Fred got so tipsy he managed to not recognize his own son and introduce himself to him at the bar. He ended the evening with his head out the car window catching cool air on a drunk head while Penny safely got him home. The funny thing about this is Jared does the same thing after too many drinks. On stage at the Lion’s Lair, Travis threw some awesome double leg stomps impressing a mostly punk/indie rock crowd. Mike threw some swinging licks and Jared beat up a washboard. This show made us some new fans. Afterwards, we topped the evening off by eating the soupiest nachos known to man. We ate them with a spoon. We still haven’t decided if they were good or not. Thanks to Rhett, Fred, Penny, Jason, Amy, and everybody else who came down to rock with us!

Lincoln, NE July 11, 2010

Diamond Kazoo from Lincoln, NE
  • Diamond Kazoo from Lincoln, NE

Funny, yesterday we had a conversation about Bukowski and suddenly we find ourselves sleeping in one of his dingy hotel rooms. The room smells poor at best and the wallpaper is breathing with bubbles and long peels. Unlike Bukowski, the three of us are sober. After a night full of homemade moonshine here in Lincoln, Nebraska, a break is much needed. The show was great. We played hard and invited members of Diamond Kazoo to come up and jam a song with us. Afterwards, they took us to their garage and obliged us in moonshine, cigar box guitars, catapults, and hand-biting dogs. Their pooch, Roscoe, aka “The Badger” managed to tear into Jared’s hand while all he offered was a friendly pat on the head. Jared will live and much to his dismay, the dog will, too. Anyway, Lincoln rocks and so do Diamond Kazoo and the Amalgamators. We can’t wait to come back!

Jared and the Jug
  • Jared and the Jug

Boise, ID July 15, 2010

Part I

Sweet Note from Home
  • Sweet Note from Home

A is for Ali who cannot be on the road with the band this trip. Sad about missing out, never one of my favorite things, missing out…Happy about sweet kids and summer vacation at home.

B is for breakfast — why does it take me until dinner to clean it up?

C is for coming and going and coming and going and coming and going and…

D is for going down the road. I really miss the music, but am very proud of them for going down the road.

E is for everyone is always hungry.

F is for fava beans. Grace and I learned to cook something new.

G is for growler. It took me four days to drink a Tablerock growler by myself. Weak effort, I know.

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