Monday, March 14, 2011

Finn Riggins does Vegas

Posted By on Mon, Mar 14, 2011 at 6:22 PM

we went to Vegas last weekend to play a festival with The Dodos and some other rad bands. we spent an extra day with some family and all the sinners. it was awesome.

not a lot of travelling on the horizons for us. new recordings, new recordings, new recordings....
next local show: post-SXSW mini fest at Visual Arts Collective on Wednesday, March 23rd with DELICATE STEVE (nj) + OWLRIGHT (boi) + TEENS (boi) + HOSANNAS (pdx). so excited for it. all of those bands are radical.

here's some of what we saw last weekend:

pony express
  • pony express

McGill, NV
  • McGill, NV

nevada roads
  • nevada roads

start of a new town-- imported palm trees
  • start of a new town— imported palm trees

old Vegas
  • old Vegas

fremont in old vegas
  • fremont in old vegas

ol Fremont st - old Vegas
  • 'ol Fremont st - old Vegas

doesnt get much classier than Lous Diner
  • doesn't get much classier than Lou's Diner

fell in love with the carpet.  this is in New York, New York
  • fell in love with the carpet. this is in New York, New York

more ny, ny carpet
  • more ny, ny carpet

new york, new york bathroom
  • new york, new york bathroom

screw the slot machines.
  • screw the slot machines.

monte carlo
  • monte carlo

monte carlo carpet
  • monte carlo carpet

more monte carlo floor fur
  • more monte carlo floor fur

true love
  • true love

saw this guy get turned on by cash money
  • saw this guy get turned on by cash money

walked beneath lions in the MGM
  • walked beneath lions in the MGM

swam with the fishes
  • swam with the fishes

bathroom stop
  • bathroom stop

frisbee break
  • frisbee break

epic rocks
  • epic rocks

epic old towns
  • epic old towns

liquor store emergency shut-off switch
  • liquor store emergency shut-off switch

ghost ghost in the sunset
  • ghost ghost in the sunset

rainbow with the sunset.  happy times for everyone
  • rainbow with the sunset. happy times for everyone

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Monday, February 28, 2011

wrap up of FEB tour // march dates

Posted By on Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 3:00 PM

2-25-11 quilt art at visual arts collective
  • 2-25-11 quilt art at visual arts collective

wrapped up the weekend and our february dates with World's Greatest Ghosts first with the Radio Boise Kickstarter Kickoff at Visual Arts Collective on Friday. that night a couple of our favorite new local bands Junior Rocket Scientist and Youth Lagoon also played. made for a gorgeous night of music and want to thank them and everyone that made it out. Boise Weekly was there taking photos and you can see some of Matthew Wordell's fine work via this link: 2-25-11 photos — i posted a few more from this and the rest of the weekend below.

for more info on how to contribute to Radio Boise's efforts and to their Kickstarter, or just to learn more about the project, go to

we closed the month out with a rager up at the infamous Whiskey Jacques in Ketchum (aka Sun Valley), Idaho. just us and World's Greatest Ghosts and a bunch of people in high spirits dancing the night away. it was rad. what a great weekend. so good to see everyone and we really appreciate y'all spending your time with us.

lots of goodness coming down the shoots for us in the near future... including a handful of great shows in March with some really outstanding bands. starting with this Sunday at the Knitting Factory opening for the Cold War Kids!!! and we have a new single that we'll be releasing on a 7" split with local friends Hillfolk Noir in April — more on this real soon. in the meantime, here's what our next month looks like:

3/6 BOISE, ID @ Knitting Factory — opening for Cold War Kids get tix
3/11 LAS VEGAS, NV @ Neon Reverb Music Festival w/ The Dodos + The Mumlers + more!
3/23 GARDEN CITY, ID @ VaC w/ Delicate Steve + Hosannas + TEENS + Owlright
3/25 POCATELLO, ID @ The FlipSide w/ Jared Mees & The Grown Children
4/1 CLARKSTON, WA @ Hogan’s w/ Boy Eats Drum Machine
4/2 MOSCOW, ID @ KRFP Benefit at Unitarian Church w/ Boy Eats Drum Machine + Ironwood Run

thx for listening!

2-25-11 radio boise kickstarter kickoff @ vac
  • 2-25-11 radio boise kickstarter kickoff @ vac

touring in idaho
  • touring in idaho

2-26-11 kite boarders on the camas prairie
  • 2-26-11 kite boarders on the camas prairie

casey and brandon from wgg -- whiskey jacques green room
  • casey and brandon from wgg — whiskey jacques green room

jesse and emily from wgg -- whiskey jacques green room
  • jesse and emily from wgg — whiskey jacques green room

worlds greatest ghosts @ whiskey jacques
  • world's greatest ghosts @ whiskey jacques

locked out of band condo 3am sun valley, id
  • locked out of band condo 3am sun valley, id

sun valley, id with worlds greatest ghosts
  • sun valley, id with world's greatest ghosts

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Eastern Oregon flash trip // La Grande + Cove

Posted By on Fri, Feb 25, 2011 at 3:05 PM

eatern oregon snowy mountains
  • eatern oregon snowy mountains

woke up at 4:30 am yesterday to brave some snowy snowy roads and hustle over to little Cove, OR between the Wallowa and Blue Mountains for a day of hanging with the kids at the K-12 Cove School. absolutely incredible time. long adventurous days in their halls and classrooms talking music and art and life on the road. what a fantastic group of kids. really inspiring day.

then got to cap it off with a show at one of our absolute most cherished venues in the country — The Crawlspace //// La Grande, OR. doesn’t happen too often any more. but the doors to this sacred place were once again opened for what turned out to be a brilliant gathering of La Grandians and some outliers /// dance party!! what a beautiful day and night! thanks to Mr. G, Mr. McBride, everyone at Cove School that made us feel so welcome, Austin and The Crawlspace and Waypoint crew, Sons of Guns, World’s Greatest Ghosts and everyone that made it out last night. the rest of the story is in pictures below. show tonight at Visual Arts Collective in Garden City to help raise awareness and funds for Radio Boise — on air in April!! 89.9FM in the Treasure Valley. can’t wait. then off to Sun Valley tomorrow to wrap up our February NW tour with World’s Greatest Ghosts at the infamous Whiskey Jacques.

Cove School teepees
  • Cove School teepees

metal flower sculpture by Austin McDonald at The Crawlspace
  • metal flower sculpture by Austin McDonald at The Crawlspace

worlds greatest ghosts @ the crawlspace
  • world's greatest ghosts @ the crawlspace

crawlspace dancers
  • crawlspace dancers

crawlspace dancers and wgg
  • crawlspace dancers and wgg

  • legs

Cove School students
  • Cove School students

sunny drive
  • sunny drive

thx for listening. see you soon.
gil and the rest of team finn riggins

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Tour Now with Jeff Crosby & The Refugees

Posted By on Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:08 PM

Greetings from Salt Lake City, UT - where they have one of the best public libraries I've ever been in. You should really see my view right now from the 3rd floor.

Been on tour this week with Jeff Crosby & The Refugees - Jeff being the singer-face of Equaleyes - but out to promote a more acoustic/poppy record on the way that straddles the Americana-folk category of music. It's really good stuff, he's got some pretty amazing songs and I'm really happy to be out with these guys, including Will Prescott and Daniel Blumenfield (also of Equaleyes and Lady Tramp) and our new buddy Paul who learned bass lines for over 30 songs to do these dates with both bands. All of these guys are backing me up as well as The Roman Candles. Confusing isn't it.

The bottom line is that we're getting tighter and tighter every show and will be jamming hard in Boise, ID on Friday the 18th at Knitting Factory for the Idaho-Down Throw-Down also with Jupiter Holiday. Should be an awesome show, we're really looking forward to it. Short on cash? Check out this link for a free ticket giveaway!

We played with Plastic Furs last night in Salt Lake City - pretty awesome psych-rock band from Utah, check them out if you like Black Angels, Slowdive...stuff like that. They are loud but it's groovy.

We had a blast last week in Grand Targhee! Sometimes it's really, really awesome to be a musician! Free food, booze, condo, ski passes and rentals and they pay you too. Looking forward to continuing our ski tour journey with a little run into Colorado this weekend for Durango and Telluride.

Coming soon: new alt-countryish record to be recorded with Idaho wranglers including the smooth pedal steel of Shakey Dave Manion of Jeremiah James Gang and New Transit.

Check in anytime you want for more info:

Good afternoon to you,

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Unicorns, Dogs v Cats and KEXP

Posted By on Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 3:28 PM

this little NW tour has been pretty incredible. great crowds, great food, fun music and some really great time with some fabulous friends that we don't get to see enough. and travelling with World's Greatest Ghosts has been every little bit as magical and mythically epic as one can imagine. love their music. love there persons and am very thankful for them helping us further realize the truth behind the distinct difference between cats and dogs.

Dogs and Cats are different
  • Dogs and Cats are different

bellingham, seattle and pullman/moscow have treated us oh so well so far. thanks to Tea Cozies in Seattle for being rad. listen to them! listen listen listen. and to Tim Blood & the Gut Panthers that played with us last night. epic trampoline work sirs. and thanks to all the kind hosts and hostesses so far. big rad show tonight in Portland to wrap up this stretch of this mini NW Tour this month. playing with new Merge Records band Apex Manor and World's Greatest Ghosts at the beautiful Mississippi Studios in NE Portland. stoked.

also, while in Seattle we visited KEXP and answered some tough questions and ripped some live tunes in their studios. it airs tonight at 8pm PST. tune in on 90.3 FM if you're in Seattle or via their website if you're from elsewhere. had a blast with it, think you'll enjoy.

thanks to KEXP! and to KZUU in Pullman and KRFP and KUOI in Moscow. and to college and independent radio all over.

will post some more photos and whatnot tomorrow or on Monday, but in the meantime, here are some photos by Alex Crick from the KEXP Session. (note the Radio Boise plug in the group photo. can't wait for Radio Boise! on FM in the Treasure Valley this April!) Finn Riggins Live in-studio @ KEXP


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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

NW mini-tour this week!

Posted By on Tue, Feb 1, 2011 at 12:45 AM

hey y'all. we've been mostly layin low and crankin out fresh jams in our new helibase on the bench, but we'll be sneaking out of town this week for a little mini NW tour with our friends World's Greatest Ghosts (portland). this is the first of two weekends in the NW we'll be doing with them this month. the second will be at the end of the month and will feature a stop here in the Treasure Valley as well as up in the Wood River Valley. full schedule below. as well as a glimpse of the tour poster by Santiago Uceda

also, while in Seattle this week we'll be visiting KEXP and taping an in-studio session that will air this coming Saturday (FEB 5th) on Audioasis on KEXP and via if you miss it live, it will be streaming on the KEXP website for 2 weeks after it airs. tune in!

FEB 2nd BELLINGHAM, WA @ Western Washington University w/ World’s Greatest Ghosts
FEB 3rd SEATTLE, WA @ Sunset Tavern w/ Tea Cozies + World’s Greatest Ghosts
FEB 4th PULLMAN, WA @ The Belltower w/ World’s Greatest Ghosts + Tim Blood & The Gut Panthers
FEB 5th PORTLAND, OR @ Mississippi Studios w/ World’s Greatest Ghosts + Apex Manor
FEB 24th LA GRANDE, OR @ The Crawlspace w/ World’s Greatest Ghosts + Sons of Guns
FEB 25h GARDEN CITY, ID @ VAC w/ World’s Greatest Ghosts + Junior Rocket Scientist + Youth Lagoon
FEB 26th KETCHUM, ID @ Whiskey Jacques w/ World’s Greatest Ghosts

feb 2011 nw tour poster by Santiago Uceda
  • feb 2011 nw tour poster by Santiago Uceda

and if you missed the pre-xmas release of our latest music video for our song "Dali" by fellow Treasure Valley hustler Tyler T Williams, check it out. features several familiar local faces. possibly your own. :)

we leave wednesday morning for bellingham, will do my best to update from the road.
happy february!

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1-8/9-11 Grand Targhee, WY

Posted By on Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 11:41 AM

We hit the State Line around 1230 or so, as I had hoped.... The only thing more beautiful than the Teton Valley in August might be the Teton Valley in early January. I can see why people just say "Eff It." and pack up and move there. Leave all the B#&%Sh!t back there in NYC and Seattle and all of my other favorite cities....

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

1/7 Idaho Falls

Posted By on Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 11:42 AM

We hit the road. Clear sailing from Sun Valley to IF. Louie at the wheel. Jeffrey and I calculate our gas mileage and, as a result, I will probably never sleep again......

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Hailey 1/6/11

Posted By on Sun, Jan 9, 2011 at 12:10 AM

On one hand, waking up in Sun Valley is strange. Well it is to me, anyway. The smell of money strangulates the air. It looks to me like a toy town. Have you asked me about the coming class war?.... But i digress, as is my way....

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Boise-Twin Falls 1-5/6-11

Posted By on Thu, Jan 6, 2011 at 11:54 PM

11:44 AM Wednesday, January 5th....

I'm awoken by my alarm. Which has been going off since 845 am. That's the way you start your 1st real tour with your own band. 3 hours in the hole. I'm still looking for those 3 hours out here in the middle of Idaho. I think they're just over the next snow-crested hill....

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