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Rick Hempsmyer September 14, 2005

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  • Stage Dynamo
  • Stage Dynamo

    Writer/director Farideh Fardjam brings international flair to local theater
      On the evening of September 26, the lobby of The Flicks was packed with people clutching programs for a staged reading of an Armenian comedy called Be Nice, I'm Dead. Recognizing neither the form nor anything about the play, I went on faith--and a conversation I had earlier that day with the play's director, Farideh Fardjam.
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  • Deep Purple for $800, Alex

    Just what color is indigo, anyway?
      As far as we know, the only truly indigo food is the island punch-flavored Jelly Belly, but there are a few members of the berry family that come close. To better appreciate their nutritional and culinary value, we must first understand the connections their particular purplish-bluish shade has to the intangible world.
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  • From Joysticks to Gamepods

    The evolution of Boise's virtual playground
      It was a Friday like any other ... except for the fact that The Pirate had filled most of his six-foot-six-inch frame with five shots of tequila, three pints of dark beer and a few slices of pickle from an uneaten chicken sandwich--all before 1 p.m. Staring into our sodas, El Camacho and I shared a moment of nervous amusement about what we might do with a drunken swab in the middle of the afternoon on a school day. We immediately thought of PoJo's.
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  • Pass the cheese, please

    Orange snack chips color your appetite
      Orange foods have been unfairly categorized as "healthy." Sure, carrots are good for your eyes, tangerines have ridiculous quantities of vitamin C and egg yolks are crammed with protein, but what about foods that were born naked and only came into their orange-ness after being bathed in unpronounceable chemicals?
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  • No Wrong Notes

    New poetry by local author Norman Weinstein
      Like most people, I have shelves in my home stacked with books that say something about who I am. Eggers, Vonnegut and Sedaris in one corner, Dillard, Descartes and a collection of Calvin and Hobbes in the other, like some piecemeal personal ad. If this short list is any indication of my taste, then the North End bungalow Norman Weinstein shares with his wife, writer Mary Owen, is a paper and ink mosaic of his soul.
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  • Urban Intervention
  • Urban Intervention

    David Hale and the Linen District
      Studying a jar of jelly beans in David Hale's makeshift office on 15th Street, I count what I know about him on one hand: He's young, he's rich, he's championing the revitalization of a six-block area west of downtown Boise while maintaining seven companies, three personal residences and the impending birth of his first-born son (OK, maybe two hands). I imagine him vibrating with the pressure of it all: cell phones, laptops and supermodels grafted to his body as he multitasks his way to Forbes' Top 100. Maybe he's an alien, or a sweater vest-wearing Bill Gates type. Somehow, thinking he's a freak makes me feel better about my own rung on the cosmic ladder ...
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