Thursday, June 17, 2010

How Does Life Unfolds

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June 11, 2010—We have heard a million times and sometimes read it in almost every book we read but some people have yet to understand that " Life is a journey " means, we will finally get there.
For me and my " Journey" as life is called, I have finally understood it.
Just like flying to New York or driving to Vegas, sailing to Africa or taking the TGV across Europe, the mere thing that preoccupy our minds is, "when are we going to get there?" and not "will we get there?"
But when it comes to life, many people ask the wrong questions like " will I ever" or " Is it over for me to carry on"?
And most of the time people give up and just watch their journey slip out of their hands. I was one of those, well not entirely, I had a little bit of faith than most of them and today, I finally conclude that, Life is a journey...

When i say it's a journey, I don't mean we were born and shall die, that's biblical. What i mean is, we will get to whatever direction we set ourselves too, but we need to persevere despite the length of time.
Today is fourteen years since i started my journey, and every thing i wanted to achieve when i was twelve, has finally come to be. People are like what's can a twelve years old African Kid set to do? Well, so much happened in my life at twelve. I was out on my own, I had to be my own relative and walk my own way to manhood. I had to live thousands miles away from my country and take the most humiliation status in the whole world, a refugee. Not being in touch with my entire family for more than ten years, yes! at twelve! and today i did it... what you got to say?

But knowing that life is a journey, and just like flying or taking a road trip the only way you may not reach to the destination is if the plane crash, or the car crash and in real life, if you die. In my case, I continued my journey with a lot of lay overs and delays due to bad weather just like flying but with hope and faith, fourteen years today, I finally reach the destination. And the great part is that, my reaching comes with a whole hand of bonuses.

In 1998 if someone had asked me if i would ever be reunited with my family, I would definitely have answered, " God willingly" not "no" because i am optimistic. I look on the positive side of things no matter how hard things seems. Eight hours from now, I will be in Kampala with my Mom, Dad, Brothers and Sisters and lot of relatives that i longed to see for the past fourteen years. Thanks to God, and a lot of good will people that i met along my fourteen years long journey to reclaim my status from a refugee to a citizen of a certain land which will God willingly get concluded in July of 2011 when i get my American citizenship. And a huge thanks to the people of Idaho that had provided me with all kind of support i can finally approach my next journey with unshakable confidence.

I will update this blog with more information about the family re unification and the bonus part which will be attending the first World Cup to ever be held in Africa. Keep in tune. I am still in Dubai Airport waiting for my next flight.

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

25 Refugees to be Granted Citizenship on World Refugee Day

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Time flies, and to refugees, a new year is always marked as World Refugee day draws near. This June 19 will be the third World Refugee Day celebrated in Boise, and every year something special is added. Well this year is not just going to be about performances and listening to Fidel’s poetry and wonderful speeches, or the breathtaking Nepalese and Russian dancing, but 25 refugees will also be sworn in and granted citizenship right at the Grove downtown. The naturalization ceremonies will be done at the event followed by refugee performances and speeches.

The World Refugee Day celebration in Boise will be held at the Grove downtown Boise on Saturday June 19. Refugees will be having traditional clothing and crafts for sale while the event and the Saturday market take place.

There is also one other thing that will be taking place at the same time, The Agency for New Americans has organized a march that will start at Boise High School and end at the World Refugee day event to raise awareness of war and refugees in Boise and around the world. So please! If you not doing anything on June 19, come and see how colorful your world is.

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How to Watch the World Cup in Boise

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We are 10 days away from the world's biggest sporting event and everybody is going wild. The Australian National Team was first to land in South Africa a week ago, joined by Brazil a day after.

Yesterday the U.S. and Argentina landed and this week the rest of the 32 countries will be welcomed by our African representatives who are Nigeria, Algeria, Cote D’Ivoire, Cameroon, Ghana and the host nation South African, which will kick start the tournament on the 11th against Mexico in Soccer City Stadium, Soweto, JB.

The way you can tell that this World Cup is so special is that, for once, Americans are actually talking about it. Yes they are. And maybe it’s because last June the American national team achieved its biggest soccer success ever by reaching the finals of the Confederation Cup, which they lost to Brazil 3-2 after going up 2-0 in the first half. Well that was a surprise and many Americans are hoping that performance will be replicated this month when they face England, Algeria and Slovenia.

How will people watch all the games without breaking their bank accounts purchasing cable and dish network channels? Well, I have few suggestions for you. First, Telemundo the Mexican channel that most people get will broadcast some of the games. I also heard that Channel 7 in Boise will show some of the games live but I was unable to reach out to the people in charge to get confirmation. But, I have a site that promises links to every game in a high quality video, for free. And it's; just click on the game you want to watch and choose the link that you prefer as it has many image qualities for you to choose from. (There are lots of popup ads to wade through first.) You can also watch league games and friendlies on the above links, which will be tops for a soccer addict like me.

And during the World Cup, you won’t be that one who asks the wrong question when the tournament is going on because you will actually know the places to watch for and their names. Keep in touch here with me for the after-match report and photos, as I am blessed to be headed to South Africa during this memorable month.

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Now New Americans and Refugees Can Be Directed My Way

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“To the resettlement agencies and refugee volunteers in Boise, send new Americans my way, should any have passion for soccer and socializing with fellows from their countries.”


Boise Wonders is an international soccer team and my brainchild, established last year, 2009, with the help from David Wani from Sudan and Mahamudi Hadji from Somalia. The objective behind the idea was simple—soccer is the world's number one sport and with the diversity occurring in Boise, we wanted to create something that can bring our brothers together. What could do that better than football, as it’s known to the rest of the world.

David, Mahamudi and I managed to put this group together last year and executed a number of friendly games against other African teams around the country. One game in Seattle, Washington with the Somali Bantu team and a return leg in Boise, which we won 4-1 on aggregate, another one with a Sudanese team from Salt Lake City Utah which ended 4-4 and few local friendlies with teams around Boise.

Due to financial problems, we failed to join any of the two local leagues last year and it looked like we hit a dead end. But my hopes in the group of kids and mature plays that traveled to Seattle with me last summer never faded even a bit, and that inspired me to join David and Mahamudi again and ensure this team join the conquest in Boise. The charisma this time was high within the group and with the team's effort we managed to raise just enough money to get 19 players join the Boise Soccer League in March.

Boise Wonders so far has managed to compete for first prize in the league and it’s being regarded as one of the best teams in the league with 1 loss, 2 draws and 4 wins. After leading the first two games as coach and player, I finally got a break when a Papa Gode arrived from Congo and took the coaching task from me.

Last week, 10 members of the team, players and supporters have privileged the team with their helping hand to sponsor us with just enough money to keep players and team in the league for the next season and I am so overwhelmed with their commitment. Among them too came the words of wisdom to keep the kids on the right foot. This has just open doors for others that maybe willing to help or join this board of sponsors to join in.


To IRC, ANA, World Relief and others who work with refugees and new Americans—should there be people that take passion in soccer arriving in Boise and need a place to socialize with others, please send them my way. The team is an International team with players from all over the globe, not only Africa. I hope to welcome these new Americans on the team and with the sponsors joining in, they shouldn’t have to pay a thing to play.

Boise Wonders still have two games left this season and the three day tournament coming in June—this should be an exciting journey for us and the Boise soccer community.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Refugees Hope Higher Than Everyone

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“They got tortured but never stop going, they got stubbed but they endure, they always think life is too long while others say are too short”
FBM Fidel in Route to Peace

There is so much we can learn from trial and tribulation, but the one thing that it makes us is strong. When we achieve success through trial, we hardly fall apart again. Brilliant young men don’t just happen, they emerge from hardship and challenges. Before I had time to enjoy my childhood, war forced me into places that were not pleasant. At first, I could not understand, but today I realize that those unpleasant places have taught me so much that I would not trade for anything.

I noticed that when kids start going astray in wealthy families, they are sent to some kind of boot camp where they are put through the trials and challenges of life to try and make them appreciate how well they've got it. Looking close at the program, you’ll realize that these rich kids are made to live regular folks' kind of life to make them change. This makes me appreciate emerging from trial to success.

Living as a refugee, I had to stir hope and keep it burning. My belief was to the roof that there is that day, that day when life will react in my favor, and that’s just how refugees and other regular folks with dreams in life think and believe. And I am a witness and beneficiary to this success that comes from hope and belief. As evidence: “I am here, ain’t I?”

There may be many bad things in life, but being a refugee is one of the top 10 worst situations a human being can be in. It comes with a lot of losses. Unlike others situations, it even gets worse. You run away from your home suddenly leaving everything you own behind, everyone you know and everyone that can help you and make you feel valuable. As in my case and many others who fit in my shoes, you leave your parents, siblings and everyone else that you know. You go to a far away land and are placed in a camp where they feed you, dress you and clean after you like a pet. You get isolated from the outside world, with no hope of when or how that situation will end.

But there is no one that hopes higher than refugees. No mater how many atrocities they go through, how much they've lost, orphans or widows, they keep that hope high that there is a day. There is a day when their moment will arrive. Life is about moments, and when it arrives, it's arrived. Even all the nation may raise against it, it will still happen. That’s the moment all refugees hope for and believe in. This belief and hope keep them enduring when statistics show they have 99 percent risk of poverty. Will there be a day when there will be peace on every corner of the world? I don't know, but i know there will be a day when the word "refugee" won't mean suffering no more.

I asked is the world ending tomorrow. They answered to me “no”
I asked again, next week, next month or next year?
They answered with no doubt “no“
then I look at them and tell them, "Why then kill myself while I still got enough time to try?"

FBM Fidel in Route to Peace

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mourinho Genius Sees Off Barcelona's Collection of Talents to Seal Champion League Final in Madrid

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  • Inter Milan
  • Milan

Many people talk and others just hold on to their hatred of the Portuguese Inter Milan coach. Whatever your opinion, Jose Mourinho has proven to be the best coach alive. His genius, his plan, method and idea of football has proven to be the best winning football formation in the world today.

Barcelona, for the past three years, has proven to be the best team in the world, With ability to easily push the likes of Man United (2-0 in the last final), Chelsea, Arsenal, Milan, Real Madrid—all the top flight teams in Europe off their path. But when it come to “the special one,” he simply knows what to do win games. It’s not the kind of players he has; it’s his knowledge of what football should be: Winning, not entertaining.

He proved his critics wrong today, after winning with the same man-on-man defending system he applied last week in San Siro to score three goals on counter attack. Many believed Barcelona would react with unbelievable attacking and goals margin today to reverse the outspoken Mourinho’s 3-1 aggregate lead but, the unbelievable wasn’t about Barca but the Milanese defending system which left Barca with 85% of ball possession, three real chances created and one goal on the score board. This was not enough to see Pep Guardiola, a coach made famous more by the skills of his players than his knowledge, move to the final.

Mourinho has accomplished what he was hired by Milan to accomplish and he is at the peak of the world now. He achieved that in ideal conditions too, playing with 10 men for 70 min, being trailed by an off side goal and playing the best attacking team on the planet. The Milanese wins with 3-2 on aggregate and will face Bayern Munich on May 22 at the home of Real Madrid after the Germans managed a 4-0 on aggregate win over Lion from France.

Jose Mourinho—“the special one”—has earned a badge for saying whatever he wishes and getting away with it today. Those who hate ”the special one,” give him credit for his genius, for he has proven once again that no coach is better than him. Let us see if he will finish the job at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium on May 22.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fidel Heading to Africa: Finally The Day Has Come

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When I arrived in Boise in 2006, I was welcomed by lovely people. Not lying. I wondered for some days, not knowing how to make friends or where to start, but what I did not know was once in Boise, there are no tricks about making friends. People are already friendly.

I would see people I’ve never seen talking to me and showing interest in listening to me, At first I thought it's because I am different; that was not it. People in Boise are just just friendly people. They show the same interest to every person, and that's when I fell in love with this small city. Since then I have managed to build relationships that I am proud of with many elementary and high schools here and with different agencies. They have taught me so much about the American society and in return I have offered them much of the rest of the world's ways of life ... mostly the African ways and the refugee situation around the world.

Being in America for the past four years is a privilege to me and has given me the opportunity to look at my world from a good eye. Things that are going on in many countries in Africa felt normal to me when I was there, but arriving here and looking back, I realize that so much of them shouldn't be going on. I realize that people are unaware of what is expected of them. Likewise, here in America, there are so many things that I have seen that I compare to what we have in our country and say, "Americans need to know this." That's why I love raising awareness in this country.

First I want to say thanks to the American society and especially to the people of Boise to have supported me, my writing and my family in Uganda through and by purchasing my Route to Peace book that keeps my younger siblings in school. I know you have all been waiting for this day, the day I will go and reunite with the rest of my family.

It has arrived. This June I am leaving for a six week family reunion in Kampala. My older sister who has recently lost her husband will join the family as well for the first time since 1992, with her five kids from Kisangani. Two other sisters also will join in from Bukavu, hopefully with their kids, and since Boise has been a huge part of the lives of the 11 family members that reside in Kampala and me here, I have the privilege of keeping you in touch through Boise Weekly on this blog.

I am leaving on the 10th of June, so if anyone has a question or things they would love to know, wants me to speak to their groups or school before I go, just let me know.

For those in Boise who love soccer, I will also report the FIFA WORLD CUP here, as it will be going on in South Africa. Watch out for the next article to know how you can also watch the World Cup in Boise.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

World Needs Peace

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Boise Idaho
  • Andew Mckeith
  • Boise Idaho

Ooh God feel mercy on me,
Who else will feel mercy on me?
My life got down whenever I think of peace,
Peace god in Darfur,
The word peace I only hear on radio,
The word peace I only read in books,
Listening to people crying for it, ooh God,
As for me, when will I feel it?

Today I feel my pain will never end,
Ooh, God I lost my family,
My friends and relatives,
Due to the lack of peace,
I looked for help but found none,
For mercy but found no one,
Only those who laugh,
Those who insult and,
Those that keep disturbing peace, God

My suffering is no one concern,
What did I do to deserve all these pain?
Why can’t someone help?
I am crying for peace,
Only peace in Darfur,
I never kill, never still,
Trying to be clean but the world makes me dirty,
What will say about education I never completed,
What will I say about my dream I never achieved,
What wi
ll I say to my kid about the family I lost?
Ooh God, it all on my head due to peace,
Peace God the world needs it,

I have no reason to be happy no more,
Better to die and leave the pain behind,
I don’t have a to do what I can,
Things that over take me, I do not know others,
Worries have consumes my whole body,
I am just waiting for the day to come,
Therefore, I can be saved from all these pain,
We need peace, peace God,
The world needs it,

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Save Darfur Coalition Meeting

Posted By on Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 4:58 PM

I been participating in sharing my experience in Boise for about four years now and three of those have been with the Save Darfur Coalition group.

Save Darfur Coalition is another group that has been working solely to raise awareness of the situation in Darfur, Sudan. I have been attending their meetings for the past three years now and it’s amazing how fast the numbers have been adding up.

On Saturday, April 3, Save Darfur is hosting a meeting at the Ann Frank Memorial. There will be a march from the Capitol to the Memorial starting at 11 a.m. The meeting at the Memorial begins at about 11:45 a.m.

A number of Darfur survivors will speak, share their experiences on what it means to be from Darfur. There will also be traditional drumming and dancing as usual and I will share some of my unpublished poetry in the end.

You are all we invited to join and help raised awareness on Darfur ahead of the Sudanese elections coming this April 24. There are some worries among Sudanese people that the elections might not be fair and so the Save Darfur Coalition has been signing a petition to urge President Obama not to support these elections.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nicklas Bendnter's Hat Trick Help Arsenal Pass Porto

Posted By on Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 3:20 PM

Just as history portrays, Arsenal has clinches their place in the quarter final of the Champion League on the expense of Porto. Coming out with fire on this second leg to overturn the 2-1 loss in the first leg, Arsenal did not west any second of the 90min as they went ahead just 10 minutes on the clock.
Playing the real arsenal Wenger’s dream style of football, the game was exciting, not because of the threat Porto posed but exciting with the way the Gunners were pacing and running the ball.

Nicklas Bendtner fired the Gunners ahead in the 10th minutes busting in on close range.
Bendtner then grasp his brace 13 minutes later with an easy tap in from an Ashivin skillful play, the little Russian International took on three Porto defenders before sliding the ball to Bendtner who scored perhaps his easiest goal ever.

In the 2nd half Porto came out promising with a series of attacks, Hulk threatening on several occasions,This excitement was cut short by Samir Nasri in the 63 minutes when the French strike score what possibly will make the goal of the week nominee tonight. He took on three defenders with mesmerizing moves in and out to smash to ball in from a tight angle.

Beautiful goal for the French international which threw Porto out of place to allow Emanuel Eboue to come in and practice his runs on their defenders, The Ivory coast defender was played in the attack on this and took advantage of a fabulous run from Ashivin to pass the goal keeper with one touch and slot in an empty net in the 66th minutes and he did not slow down as he created a penalty for Bendtner to complete the first hat trick of his career in the 90th minutes.

David Beckam and Ronaldinho are taking on Manchester United at Old Trafford tomorrow to try and overturn the 3-2 loss they suffer in San Siro two weeks ago. Gunners for life, what is you feed on that encounter?

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