10th Annual Bad Cartoon Contest 

Keeping it bad for one-tenth of a century

We're marking a milestone at Boise Weekly: We've been bringing you the very finest bad cartoons for a full decade. That's right, 10 years of bad puns, roll-your-eyes humor, bizarre drawings and images that leave you slightly disturbed, yet intrigued.

Over the years, the Bad Cartoon Contest has taken readers along on the adventures of a giant ice cream cone, it's let us experience the heartwarming relationship between a boy and his own skeleton after he vomited it out, and it's offered invaluable life lessons, like just how much a stick figure can accomplish when put in the hands of a mediocre artist.

This year's winner continues that proud tradition of mashing groan-worthy puns with passable artistic skill to create something that managed to make our panel of judges emit a hearty chuckle.

And because of new rules this year, 16-year-old Mark Tyler can celebrate his victory with a crisp Benjamin in his hand. Finally, a teenager's time-wasting has paid off.

Judging by his collection of bad puns and pop-culture references, Tyler has years of absent-minded, in-class doodling to look forward to.

This year's judging panel--BW Art Director Leila Ramella-Rader, former Bad Cartoon champ Elijah Jensen, nearly professional judge and former BW staffer Amy Atkins, and myself--was left with the weighty duty of selecting our favorites from an impressive stack of entries from artists of all descriptions.

What you see in these pages are those that either made us laugh out loud or kept us coming back to ponder it a little more--either way, thanks to all our artists for participating.

Finally, those same contest changes also mean that this is going to be your only chance to soak in the glory that is Bad Cartoon for the next year. Unlike previous years, the Bad Cartoon champ will not appear regularly in the pages of Boise Weekly, so appreciate the badness while it lasts.

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