11th Annual Fiction 101 Contest 

Painting pictures in 101 words

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Honorable Mention, $50

Diane Raptosh, Boise

Rugged Western Individualism

A man who's his own wife births his twin through his belly button. For months, he thought it a cyst. Fistula. Fir tree germinating in his spleen. He father-mothers this shriven boy, fine as a walnut ling. With equal parts sweetmeats and firm touch, he bathes this babe in a spoon—wee, webbed blood of living kin. Nights, the man daubs his nipples with tea bags, lays a damp cloth on his eyes. He tugs the left swirl of his mustache and wonders aloud: Is he famished? Is this fullness? When he kisses his own hand, his wife strokes his cheek.

Honorable Mention, $50

Stephen Heleker, Boise


Bernie shrunk a foot when he signed the divorce papers. He crawled into his parents' vast basement and assembled model airplanes while his mother watched Jeopardy upstairs. Planes littered the floor. Bernie built a knee-high airport, runways splaying down the hallway. He slid from one wall to the other perfecting his tiny world, imagined racing down the terminals. Tiny trees grew at the airport's entrance, surrounding a molded plastic statue of a soldier throwing a grenade. Bernie built benches where tiny men and women sit next to each other. They watch the planes come and go but never fall in love.

Honorable Mention, $50

Greg Likins, Nampa

Temptation Drive-Thru

At the drive-thru window, I ordered a salad.

"Today's special is the Bacon Temptation with fries." This girl's offer was so enticing, I ordered the burger instead.

I paid, and when she returned my change, her fingernails scratched my palm like ketchup packets. Instinctively, I squeezed them.

I apologized profusely for my seeming flirtation.

"It's alright." She handed me my dinner. "It's not me you're after. Everything you came for is right here, in the bag."

I parked beneath the Temptation Burger mural of contented cows chewing in an open field. I unwrapped my burger and masticated along with them.

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