11th Annual Oregon Trail Classic 

Good Weather, Good Racing, Good Fun

Sometimes it rains at the Oregon Trail Classic, held near Baker City, Oregon. Sometimes it snows and sometimes the wind howls through a combination of rain and snow. And sometimes the weather is just perfect, as was the case of the 11th running of the Oregon Trail Classic on April 30, round two of the 2005 MBT Wild Rockies Mountain Series. The event featured mountain bikes, trail running and a duathlon, allowing participants of all ages, sizes and speeds to enjoy the rolling desert hills surrounding the historic Oregon Trail which winds and dips through the area in rural Baker County.

The event was round two of the 2005 MBT Wild Rockies Mountain Series, sponsored by Masai, The Boise weekly, Bandanna Running, Sushi on the Spot, Trek, K2, Hyde Park CycleWorks, and Flagstaff Sports. The day offered something for everyone; there was a 8.5 mile trail run, a run/bike duathlon and a mountain bike race, ranging from a beginner distance of 10.5 miles, up to 31.5 miles for pros, and the event turnout was larger than it has been since 1997, with 108 participants showing up to enjoy the moment.

The men's trail run was topped by Kenny McDaniel from Boise who flew uncontested around the 8.5 mile hilly course in a fast 57:52, just missing Joe Dudman's course record of 57:22. Boise's Christine Hall shaved almost ten minutes off of the women's course record to top the women's field at 1:06:15 and Boise's Ron Miller and Nampa's Gail Dice topped the duathlon. The pro men's mountain bike field was headed by Brandon Akers from Boise, and the top female mountain biker was Boise's Tracy Steffen. The sport riders were headed by Andrew Mentzer, who was the first overall sport rider and also the winner in the singlespeed class.

The next round of the 2005 MBT Wild Rockies Series will be the 14th annual Bordertown Challenge, held near Wells, Nevada on May 7. For more information go to www.wildrockies.com, or call Ron Dillon at (208) 573-4255.

Mountain Bike, Class 1, Pro Men, (31.5 miles):

1. Brandon AkersBoise, ID2:15:06

2. Jon GouldBoise, ID2:20:24Tamarack Resort

Mountain Bike, Class 3, Expert Men 20-29, (23.5 miles):

1. Casey SmithBoise, ID1:43:48

Mountain Bike, Class 4, Expert Men 30-39, (23.5 miles):

1. Lou GilbertBoise, ID1:46:19Cafferty's

2. Erik KnudsenEagle, ID1:55:01

3. Alex PhippsBoise, ID1:56:45

4. Mike McDonaldBoise, ID2:02:20Int. Mtn. Orthopedic

5. Greg CoxBoise, ID2:03:37

Mountain Bike, Class 5, Expert Men 40-49, (23.5 miles):

1. Claren PerozLaGrande, OR1:46:42

2. Adam WinstralBoise, ID1:56:50

3. Matt AllenLaGrande, OR1:59:27

4. Tim InchKetchum, ID2:10:15MBT Footwear

Mountain Bike, Class 8, Expert Women, (23.5 miles):

1. Tracy SteffenBoise, ID2:25:32

2. Amber KnowlesBoise, ID2:42:58

Mountain Bike, Class 9, Sport/Expert Men Singlespeed, (21 miles):

1. Andrew MentzerBoise, ID1:40:26

2. David WilliamsBoise, ID1:46:23

3. Steve GatesNampa, ID2:03:45

Mountain Bike, Class 12, Sport Men 20-29, (21 miles):

1. Fred MaxwellCorvallis, OR2:04:19

Mountain Bike, Class 13, Sport Men 30-39, (21 miles):

1. Winfield HartzLaGrande, OR1:42:55

2. Evan MackenzieHillsboro, OR1:45:00

3. Andrew PlattPortland, OR1:45:26

4. Paul WillardGarden Valley, ID1:45:45

5. Don GiffordMeridian, ID2:03:15

Mountain Bike, Class 14, Sport Men 40-49, (21 miles):

1. Greg ParkerBoise, ID1:47:26

2. Terry RoussetBoise, ID1:48:03

3. Doug HuntleyTwin Falls, ID1:57:16

4. Mike ThorntonCaldwell, ID1:59:37Sobernots

5. Danny KellyIdaho Falls, ID2:00:53Idaho Mtn. Trading

6. Gerald RickseckerKuna, ID2:03:12

Mountain Bike, Class 15, Sport Men 50-Up, (21 miles):

1. John LandBoise, ID1:49:51Sobernots

Mountain Bike, Class 18, Sport Women 30-39, (21 miles):

1. Tamara AdamekBoise, ID1:53:10

2. Kristi KendrickBoise, ID2:00:23Ken's Bicycle Whse

3. Julie RichardsonBoise, ID2:03:26

4. Jana BrimmerSalmon, ID2:10:39

Mountain Bike, Class 19, Sport Women 40-Up, (21 miles):

1.Christi HallBoise, ID1:57:35

Mountain Bike, Class 20, Sport/Expert Men (Clydesdale, 200+lbs), (21 miles):

1. Chris FreemanNampa, ID1:53:55

2. Charles MillsIdaho Falls, ID1:58:06

3. Kim MahaffeyBaker City, OR2:07:27

4. Brad DukeStar, ID2:23:33Gold's Gym

5. Kevin RiceNampa, ID2:28:45

Mountain Bike, Class 24, Beginner Men 13-15, (10.5 miles):

1. Brady AdamsBoise, ID1:03:09

2. Dylan JonesBoise, ID1:03:49

3. Greg MontgomeryBoise, ID1:17:02

4. Saxton DeesNampa, ID1:23:03B.Y.R.D.S.

Mountain Bike, Class 25, Beginner Men 16-19, (10.5 miles):

1. David JensenBoise, ID1:11:22B.Y.R.D.S.

Mountain Bike, Class 26, Beginner Men 20-29, (10.5 miles):

1. Davin NapierNampa, ID54:12

2. Holt HagaBoise, ID56:24

Mountain Bike, Class 27, Beginner Men 30-39, (10.5 miles):

1. Ron MillerBoise, ID50:47

2. Chris RuffnerEagle, ID58:20

3. Frank CopriumicarBoise, ID1:14:02

4. Michael PahangNampa, ID1:15:59

Mountain Bike, Class 28, Beginner Men 40-49, (10.5 miles):

1. Jim VannauBoise, ID1:01:40

2. Cahill JonesBoise, ID1:04:19

3. Curtis DiceNampa, ID1:06:26Dice Construction

4. Vincent VelozNampa, ID1:07:25

5. Gary TubbsBoise, ID1:08:35

Mountain Bike, Class 31, Beginner Women, 20-29, (10.5 miles):

1. Amy YostBoise, ID1:17:31

2. Sarah GoldsteinBoise, ID1:23:03

Mountain Bike, Class 32, Beginner Women 30-39, (10.5 miles):

1. Jayne BickBoise, ID1:23:34

Mountain Bike, Class 33, Beginner Women 40-49, (10.5 miles):

1. Gail DiceNampa, ID1:20:40Dice Construction

2. Angela HillBoise, ID1:24:52

Mountain Bike, Class 36, Trailblazer Kids 12-Under, (2.5 miles):

1. Tate ThorntonCaldwell, ID25:57Sobernots

Mountain Bike, Class 37, 12-Under Kids, (10.5 miles):

1. Chase DeesNampa, ID1:25:56B.Y.R.D.S.

2. Alex LandBoise, ID1:28:00B.Y.R.D.S.

3. Grace AlexanderBoise, ID1:52:04B.Y.R.D.S.

4. Nicole BeckBoise, ID2:10:25B.Y.R.D.S.

Mountain Bike, Class 38, Tandam, (10.5 miles):

1. David & Michael BeckBoise, ID1:59:34

Trail Run, Overall Results, (8.5 miles):

1. Kenny McDanielBoise, ID57:521st Man 20-29

2. Eric Reynolds Boise, ID1:04:271st Man 40-49

3. Ed GoecknerNampa, ID1:06:041st Man 30-39

4. Christine Hall Boise, ID1:06:151st Woman 30-39

5. Ron MillerBoise, ID1:08:482nd Man 30-39

6. Allen DayIdaho Falls, ID1:09:592nd Man 40-49

7. Vincent VelozNampa, ID1:11:393rd Man 40-49

8. Charlie FranciscoMountain Home, ID1:12:591st Man 50-59

9. Rusty WhithamMtn. Home AFB, ID1:13:033rd Man 30-39

10. Kiley BaxterBoise, ID1:15:391st Woman 20-29

11. Cheryl MooreLaGrande, OR1:16:252nd Woman 20-29

12. Curtis DiceNampa, ID1:18:034th Man 40-49

13. Gail DiceNampa, ID1:18:041st Woman 40-49

14. BJ MoritzBoise, ID1:18:132nd Man 20-29

15. Kristie MillerMeridian, ID1:21:201st Woman 50-59

16. Gary RellerPortland, OR1:26:272nd Man 50-59

17.Jayne BickBoise, ID1:26:342nd Woman 30-39

18. Amy YostBoise, ID1:28:353rd Woman 20-29

19. Debbie HardyBoise, ID1:30:332nd Woman 50-59

20. Frank CopriunicarBoise, ID1:31:044th Man 30-39

21. Cindy DenneBaker City, OR1:38:232nd Woman 40-49

22. Janie BroseBaker City, OR1:38:243rd Woman 40-49

23. Tracy HarrisLaGrande, OR1:41:381st Woman Clydes

24. Dena TamsLaGrande, OR1:41:394th Woman 40-49

25. Joe YoungBoise, ID1:44:235th Man 40-49

26. Chas LowryBaker City, OR55:06 (2.5 mile course)1st Trailblazer Man

Duathlon, Overall Results, (8.5 mile Run/10.5 mile mt. bike):

1. Ron MillerBoise, ID1:08:48 run/50:47 bike1:59:34/ 1st 30-39 M

2. Vincent VelozNampa, ID1:11:39 run/1:07:25 bike2:19:04/ 1st 40-49 M

3. Curtis DiceNampa, ID1:18:03 run/1:06:26 bike2:24:27/ 2nd 40-49 M

4. Gail DiceNampa, ID1:18:04 run/1:20:40 bike2:38:44/ 1st 40-49 F

5. Frank CopriumicarBoise, ID1:31:04 run/1:14:02 bike2:45:06/ 2nd 30-39 M

6. Amy YostBoise, ID1:28:35 run/1:17:31 bike2:46:06/ 1st 20-29 F

7. Jayne BickBoise, ID1:26:34 run/1:23:34 bike2:50:08/ 1st 30-39 F

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