15 to Life for Old What's-His-Name 

Showing that even nobodies are somebody in the eyes of local law, Boise District Judge Ronald Wilper handed down a life sentence on May 26 to a man with no name. More specifically, Wilper threw the book at a drug trafficker known by the aliases Genaro Angulo-Lopez and Steven Partida (but by us as "Anonymeth"). Anonymeth was convicted in April by a Boise jury of trafficking in methamphetamine over 400 grams, a crime which carries a mandatory 10 years in prison. He will be eligible for parole in 15 years.

According to the Ada County Prosecutor's Office, local officers had been watching Anonymeth since 2002, and had been informed by California authorities that he had stolen the name and identity of Steven Partida. Far more damning, however, was when Anonymeth gave county deputies consent to search his local storage facility. Inside, they discovered two pounds of go-go juice with Anonymeth's fingerprints prominently featured on the individual stash-sized baggies. Those same busy fingers, authorities explain, also link him to a number of dismissed drug charges in California.

Anonymeth had resided in the Treasure Valley since 1997 using Partida's name, and was even employed by Boise City in the zoo division of Parks and Recration. Hopefully his exposure to so many caged, nameless creatures will give him a little perspective on his own containment.

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