1st Thursday: Bricolage 

Small furniture, big style.

Boise native Beau Van Greener created a series of characters from another universe that "depict elements of his life and pop culture." His "brutes" are part of an exhibit of 50 black-and-white drawings called MULTIVERSE, which opens First Thursday at Bricolage.

An illustrator, designer and screenprinter, Greener may also have a future in action figures--through his screenprinting company Credenda Studios, he made a limited edition run of a stylized Treefort Music Fest mascot: a Bigfoot-esque creature with a pile of rocks for a head. Check it out on Credenda Studios' Facebook page and then check out Greener's MULTIVERSE of monsters that may look threatening and scary but are described by their creator as "completely harmless and useless."

Bricolage will also have Kerry Tullis: Small Furniture, an exhibit of hand-built furniture made from steel, wood and Pendleton wool. Despite the title, Tullis will display both large and small pieces, all of which are "built to last." Along with the beasts and benches, Williamson Orchards and Vineyards will be there with tastes of their varietals.

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