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2003 Bars & Nightclubs Reader's Choices 

Readers' Picks


1. Bittercreek Ale House - The well-rounded candidate wins every time. Great atmosphere, great beer selection and according to you, our beloved readers, they also make some of the best martinis in town, serve up some of the best lunch and take the cake in even unexpected categories such as best sports bar.

2. Bardenay
3. Red Feather Lounge


1. The Balcony- When you want to go dancing and want a place that serves good cocktails, has a driving rhythm and beat that penetrates your soul, and you want to be surrounded by great looking people who know how to dance, there's nothing better than the Balcony. With its huge windows overlooking the corner of Idaho and 8th streets, perfect for an evening breeze to cool off the sweaty, pulsating bodies within. You can't go wrong with an evening here.

2. The Big Easy
3. Neurolux


1. The Balcony- We've heard from our gay and lesbian friends outside of the state of Idaho that the Balcony has a reputation as being one of the best overall gay friendly bars in the Northwest. Our readers have chosen it again this year so it must be true. What is great about the Balcony though is that even if you are straight as a 2-by-4 you'll still enjoy its tolerant atmosphere. Sure you'll see guys dancing with guys, gals dancing with gals, but you'll see all kinds of other interesting pairings to boot. And if Boise Weekly staff goes there, you know it must be good.

2. Emerald Club
3. Neurolux


1. Bittercreek Ale House - A surprise choice by our readers this year. The staff at BW does not think of Bittercreek Ale House as a sports bar, but our heads are focused on our cocktails and beer usually. When you look up there are televisions with games going on. Now that we think about it, all that cheering and high-fiving could be attributed to touchdowns, slam-dunks and homers. We've come away with a different point of view. Now if they will only get a few pool tables and a shuffleboard table all will be good in the universe.

2. The Ram
3. Harry's in Hyde Park


1. The Torch- From finger steaks to bikini dancers, the torch never seems to be out done. With dancers that seem to know everyone who comes in the front door, the Torch is Boise's favorite gentleman's club yet again.

2. Spearmint Rhino
3. Kit Kat Klub


1. Red Feather Lounge- There are many worthy candidates that enjoyed many votes in this year's Best Cocktails category. But the one that came out on top this year is also one of Boise's newest bars. Go ahead, order one up from Boise's Best Bartender and remember, be responsible when you do. Boise isn't that big and for the price of a few more cocktails you can get a cab home.

2. Bardenay
3. Bittercreek Ale House


1. Manhattan Grill Eastside Lounge- It's no secret that we're all martini fans here at BW. And after weeks of martini competitions and many nights of searching for that perfect combination of liquor and vermouth, we concur with your choice of Best Martini makers. The music of dueling pianos soothes the soul while an icecold martini soothes the nerves.

2. Bittercreek Ale House
3. Bardenay


1. Dawson Taylor Coffeehouse- Two words: fair trade. Stop in to the shop downtown for strong coffee and sweetly cool sorbetto. If you're out and about, you'll find Dawson's fine brew being served in bistros and cafes all over town.

2. Flying M
3. Moxie Java

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