2005 4th annual Bad Cartoon Contest 

WARNING: View these cartoons at your own risk. They are bad and some may contain foul language. these comics are Not for the kiddies.

Once again we present to you a line-up of cartoons that make you go "Unnngghhhh." While we don't require any entry fees (the corresponding cash prizes are reflective of this,) we still manage to get some gems. This year's overwhelming theme was clowns, and we also had several submissions by pre-teenagers, one of which won our grand prize. The grand prize winner does have the opportunity, if he chooses to take it, to work with us in developing his cartoon to be published every week for the next year. We also pay $10 per week for those so it adds up to a tidy little sum by the end of the year. If the first place winner chooses not to publish at any time during the year, the opportunity goes to the second place winner for the remainder.

The staff all reached deep in their pockets and looked on the floorboards of their cars and came up with $43.13 so every winner (except the grand prize who gets the gig) wins $2.27, which they must either pick up at our offices or look for in their SASE, if they sent one in with their submission.

Grand Prize Winner

Cody Coleman, age 11

Lifetime Achievement and R. Crumb Rip-off Award

Darren Collelette

Cover Letter Award

Bart Coleman

The "Smokers have enough shame without being linked with Pac Man" Award

Ken Johnson

Flatulence Award

Janet Wiggins

Avian Flu Award

Andrew Wayne

Self-Abuse Award

David Kociol

White Trash Award

Tarey Potter

Tammy Faye de Milo Award

Casseopia Wright

F-Bomb Award

L. Ashley Wood

Worst of the Bad Award

Noah Kroese

A double negative, meaning "good" though the character is bad. Does that make him good, despite the evidence that he failed to listen to E.T.'s advice about being good and he ended up bad? Who is this E.T.? Is it Earnest Tubbs? That would be good. But if it's Spielberg's extra terrestrial, that would be bad. We'll never know. That's bad.

Vin Scully (not Vin Crosby) Award

R. Foster

The Funny "Ha-Ha" or Funny "Strange" Award

Paul Ackerman

Punny Award

James W. Davis

Youth Angst Award

Nick Burgdorf

Suicide Bomber Award

Autumn Bradford

Subtlety Award

Kelly Knopp

Almost Unpronounceable Cartoon Title Award

Steve Baker

Most South-Parky Award

Brandon Follet

Anthropomorphization Award

Leah Cronen

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