2010: The Year Jay Leno Ruined 

TV is no longer safe

It was a bad year for late-night talk shows. If Jay Leno were a cat, he would be fed outside. Kids would be told, "You probably shouldn't touch that. It looks like it has some kind of disease. We'll take it to the vet next week."

NBC executives not only let the creature back in the house, but they allowed him to sleep on the couch and puke all over the new rug. Meanwhile, they dropped their lovable dog, Conan O'Brien, off in a field to rummage for junkyard mice with George Lopez. Does anybody know anybody who actually watches Lopez Tonight?

TBS now has O'Brien, and NBC features two talk-show hosts--both Leno and Jimmy Fallon--who seem to be universally despised by funny people.

Fallon was given O'Brien's old show, which was originally hosted by David Letterman. Not since Van Halen hired Gary Cherone to succeed Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth has such a disastrously stupid decision been made.

Leno was given The Tonight Show back, apparently because he hadn't quite finished pissing on Johnny Carson's grave. When O'Brien sat at the desk, the jokes were actually funny and unique. The only thing that passes as amusing on Leno's show is the "Headlines" segment, which means he still hasn't managed to come up with anything funnier than the copy editors' oversights.

Perhaps NBC will come up with a good late-night idea in 2011 by replacing Leno yet again. Sammy Hagar doesn't seem too busy these days.

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