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2017 Cover Art 

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All the pieces for this year's Cover Art Auction that you can bid on, Wednesday Oct. 18th at 6 pm
OF 57
"Bad Beauty" - Sue Latta
"Kelsey's Fox" - Ellen Deangelis
Anne Boyles
"Collage Eye" - Anne Boyles
"Caped Crusader" - Perry Allen
"Electo Perpetua" - Adam Rosenlud
"Outbuildings in Star" - Pat O'Hara
"Congress is Now in Session" - Fred "Coyote" Choate
"Something's Brewing" - Andrea Harris
"Vixen" - Marianne Konvalinka
"Ptarmigan in Snow" - Katherine Grey
"Untitled 40 - 2016" - Mark W. McGinnis
"Idaho Gnome" - Ninora Jessen
"Today is a Very Good Day" - Gary D. McCall
"Ever-changing Boise" -JanyRae Seda
"A Dancing Woman" - Tomas MontaƱo
"The Lucky Escape" - Belinda Isley
"Year of the Rooster" - Martin A. Wilke
"Processing Chickens" - Connie Wood
"When it Snowed in May" - Seth Emrynt
"Grover Whale: The Happy Whale" - Sean Hagerty
"Bird With Plank Boarder" - Michelle Larson
"Dark Passage II" - Christine Raymond
"Rooster Calling" - Suzanne Lee Chetwood
"Having a Beer With Two Carrots" - Laurel Macdonald
"Fluid Rise Towards Transfiguration" - Shelley Jund
"Bio Abstract 5" - Missy Cory
"Forbidden Love" - Betsie Richardson
"The Final Justice" - Sam Johnson
"Give One" - Randall Brown
"Fancy Pup" - Annie Murphy
"Mountain Bike Boise" - Pam McKnight
"Frida" - Kinga Britschgi
"Toasted" - Josh Olson
"Peace Out" - Jerri Lisk
"Kailua" - Rachel Teannalach
"Arrow Rock" - Sara Bush
"Single" - Karen Eastman
"Crane Pose" - Janet Anderson
"Famous for 15 Minutes" - Bruce Maurey
"Madonna With Child" - Kilgore Trout Jr
"Sue The Tyrannosaurus Rex" - Todd Marshall
"Aurora Ta Gora" - Izar Bicandi
"Balance" - Blake Sherlock
"Summer in Idaho (The Pioneer Fire)" - Frederick Choate
"Nihil Penumbra" - Bingo Barnes
"The Pattern Maker" - Heather Bauer
"Two Musicians" - Amiri Osman
"Water and Champagne" - Tracie McBride
"Don't Look at Me in That Tone Of Voice - Dorothy Parker" - Troy Passey
"Ghost On a Fence" - Lisa Cheney
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Harrison Berry6 images
"Vixen" - Marianne Konvalinka

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