208 Comedy Fest Days Two and Three: The Best One-Liners 

click to enlarge Rhea Butcher at the Knitting Factory Friday, Aug. 6.

Xavier Ward

Rhea Butcher at the Knitting Factory Friday, Aug. 6.

Rhea Butcher uses they/them pronouns, not only because it fits their expression of gender identity, but it also works as a conversation deterrent.

"I mostly use they/them pronouns because I want people to question whether they want to talk to me or not."

Three days of the 208 Comedy Fest are in the books, with only the Sunday Night Showcase left to go.

Geneva Rust-Orta opened for Butcher at The Knitting Factory Friday, Aug. 6, with Maggie Maye.

"I got pregnant in a cemetery, which was kind of foreshadowing," Rust-Orta said.

Maye: "If you start skateboarding as an adult... I hope you get your kids back."

Saturday evening, Liquid Laughs had a packed line-up, with comedians Dale Seever, who is actually a character played by James Bewley, and Sara DeForest delivering some of the best hot takes of the night.

Seever: "I love that you have a Sun Valley here. It's like Idaho looked at Aspen and said, 'Give me one of those, but add meth.'"

DeForest, on Reno's tourism slogan: "Welcome to Selfietown": "Welcome to Selfietown, maybe that's more of a public service announcement. Like, if you're in Reno, you need to take another look at yourself." 


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