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Re: “The Cure for High Gas and Food Prices

Good article Ted and it’s a topic that gets pushed under the rug in this country. The majority of Americans still buy the notion that supply in demand will get us out of this mess. Call it Nationalism or Socialism, but it's really a safety net for all the working stiffs who punch a timecard every morning. Why let corporations have all the social perks and saftey nets and not us? Our government/Inc sells capitalism like it's the holly grail to salvation and then rewards themselves with social perks. It's time to get our government back working for the people and not the corporate greedy clowns who've done nothing but disrupt our economy and destroyed our democracy. Our elected officials run our country no different than how the mafia strong armed it's political influence back in the 20's and 30's. They all belong in jail.

Posted by Don Benedetto on 07/02/2008 at 3:17 PM

Re: “My Crazy Brother

Excellent writing and a very sad story. I watched my brother go through a bipolar suicidal episode a few years back. He called the police stating that he felt like killing himself. The police rushed over and arrested him and put him in jail. The shrinks said he had bipolar and gave him medication for it. The bipolar was trigged from a bad divorce, no work and a loss of his home. He was living out of his car before someone reached out and gave him a place to live, and that’s where he called the police in desperation. My sister and I didn’t know this was taking place until he called a week after the episode. We freaked out and told him to stop taking his medication and start looking for work. We told him that smoking pot would ease his bipolar better than any man-made drugs. We know what those prescribed drugs can do, based on how it made my Aunt worse than before she took them. To make a long story short: The marijuana eased his bipolar the natural way; he got back into the work force and has never looked back. He’s very successful now and the best medicine anyone could have is our dignity, self worth and a loving family support system. In today’s corporate governed Amerika, downsizing has created a crazy mess with the American Worker’s psyche. Add the housing bust and we have a recipe ripe for more suicides. I say, stop wanting more, keep your dreams realistic, stay in touch with family, smoke a joint if the urge of despair hits you and chill out America, we’re not in a race.

Posted by Don Benedetto on 04/30/2008 at 4:31 PM

Re: “Another Stab At

There are 4 sacred issues that get a certain political minded person hot under the collar when questioned. Their rights to own a Gun: Their rights to own Dogs that bark and crap everywhere. Their rights to persecute anyone who doesn't believe in Christianity and their arrogant rights to annoy everyone with their noisy motorcycles and Auto pipes. Guns, Dogs rights, Christianity and noisy pipes, seems to be the only topics they'll defend to their death over.

Posted by Don Benedetto on 03/31/2008 at 9:51 AM

Re: “Integrity Lite

If conservative economics is to preserve the status quo, then could it be that all of us collectively commit war crimes?

Posted by Don Benedetto on 02/13/2008 at 11:00 AM

Re: “Wrong and White and Read All Over

Well, well ‘ericn1300’ for that patronizing remark. Thanks for stepping down from those lofty heights to give me your pompous approval.

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Posted by Don Benedetto on 07/27/2007 at 1:40 PM

Re: “Wrong and White and Read All Over

Excellent comment Ted! One thing I’d like to add is this use of ‘spin names’ the media and politicians like to use. If one questions his government or whistle blows on a company, that person automatically is labeled a Leftist. If a person waves the flag or says his prayers at night, they’re labeled Right-Wing. When a Democrat is President, the ones who question him are labeled conservatives. And when a Republican is President the ones who question him are labeled liberals. But the actual debate or civic action may not be Leftist, Right Wing, Liberal or Conservative. The politicians and the press use these divisive words without even thinking through what those words imply. But the ones who finance the politicians or pay the salary of the Media Press, tells them to use those words or fear loosing their jobs. We are working and being governed by fear. Those word labels are purposely used to keep us confusingly fearful towards one-another. The one thing that those who control the money fear most is a united work force and a well informed public. Some of the fringe media Ted had mentioned are free from the fear of money and political persuasion. A person who receives his daily news from the mainstream media may not recognize the ‘label attack’ being use to put down the opposing view. Labeling is no different than the word ‘SHUT-UP’ when someone doesn’t have anything left to back their argument. It’s like the bully in the playground with no point what so ever and uses fear by shouting out. Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity and Ann Coulter are good examples of those who use abusive ‘Label Attack’ language. Guest on ‘The Factor’ says, “I believe President Bush failed in Iraq”. Bill O’Reilly shouts back, “SHUT UP! GET OFF MY SHOW! TAKE YOUR LIBERAL PRO-TERROIST IDEAS AND GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY! ” Sounds good eh FOX GROUPIES. Oops sorry, I used one of them 'Label Attacks'.

Posted by Don Benedetto on 07/26/2007 at 4:08 PM

Re: “The Press Conference

I like what I’m reading here and it is unfathomable to think in today’s fragmented corporate controlled media, that our views are part of a growing awareness that people are finally seeing that both parties are very much in-line together. I just hope more people begin to realize both parties appease only to the hand that feeds them. Our governments are choked full of greedy career politicians that have hacked our democracy and constitution, tilted the checks and balance system in favor of World Incorporated Inc.’s bottom-line profits for the bottom-line life style so few get to enjoy. The only way out is some sort of non-violent ‘hit them in the pocket book revolution’! There are a number of ways: One that seems to be hidden from view and millions are doing it, is to stop filing our taxes on April 15th. The government taxes us all year from sales and our paychecks to property taxes. So why do we need to file on April 15th? The government wants to know every penny we make, so why can’t we ask the government were all that tax money goes? Why do we let our government get away with not being accountable when we have to be? Remember, it is a democracy when the government is afraid of the people and its fascism when the people are afraid of their government. I like using that same philosophy with big business, which have planted fear in every worker with lay-offs, dwindling health and retirement pensions. Did any of your raises, percentage-wise, ever compare to the upper management or CEO’s golden parachute? REVOLT NOW! Or Keep Swimming up stream! The Salary raise of elected officials and chief executives of large corporations is not a market award for achievement. It is a warm personal gesture by the individuals to themselves. We’ve completely strayed away from Cope’s little article about some dumb f*#k chief judge’s press conference. Could you dig a little deeper and put some substance in your comments Cope? I'm nauseated with all the rhetoric out here in Amerika’s waste land of the so call free. Are you all afraid of big brother?

Posted by Don Benedetto on 07/13/2007 at 11:22 AM

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