41st Boise High Madrigal Dinner 

Dec. 13-14

Punishment for singing off key is severe.

photo by Matthew Swenson

Punishment for singing off key is severe.

An event unlike most school performances, the Boise High Madrigal Dinner has taken place since Lyndon B. Johnson was president, but it draws inspiration from a far more distant past: the Renaissance.

This event gives Boise High School students, teachers, parents and the public an opportunity to support vocal music ensembles and help keep the arts alive in schools. Both evenings provide Renaissance-inspired costuming, appropriate for the madrigal origins, with live singing and excellent chow. Partake in a silent auction, knowing that this money goes to help Madrigals on the road.

While the holiday mantra of giving still echoes in our heads, but before money is dropped on an Xbox or a Big Hugs Elmo, think about spending that cash on something that matters. This dinner isn't only about raising money; it's also expressing a respect and understanding for the art of music, seen clearly as the Madrigals create incredible depth and emotion with their voices. Proceeds from this event benefit the Boise High Choir Department.

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