Five Artists Under 25: Making a Case for the City of Trees 

More young artists are choosing to stay in Boise rather than heading to the big city

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Julia Green

Age: 24

Discipline: Illustration

Day Job: Graphic artist at Whole Foods Market

Hometown: Boise

Years in Boise: 24

Julia Green was born and raised in Boise and she has never left. Her work can be found on concert posters, in newspapers and magazines, on the chalkboard in front of Pie Hole and on the Internet.

Her characters span a wide range of themes, but they're also distinctive. She begins her drawings with traditional materials--good old pencil and ink--then she adds color and makes small adjustments with her computer. She has loved drawing since childhood but decided to pursue illustration as a career after seeing a concert poster by fellow Boise artist Ben Wilson.

"Boise is a great community of creative people, and it's a fun time when 90 percent of your friends are doing important things and making things," Green said. "I really love Boise because it is so damn beautiful here, the people are in a state of calm, it's cheap to live here, and it's easy to make your way to the top."

Green studied art at Boise State University, and after a few years of producing concert posters, her work started to gain recognition and she was solicited for gallery shows and other freelance work. She still does posters but has expanded to album art and T-shirt designs. Her illustrations also pop up in the pages of Boise Weekly and Pittsburgh-based Bicycle Times.

For Green, geographical isolation has become a near non-issue thanks to the Internet.

"I've been able to use my work in Boise as a way to build a portfolio and get artwork in other cities using connections I make on the Internet," she said.

In February 2013, Green will participate in a women's-only group show at G1988 in Melrose, Calif. The show is a collaboration with female-centric entertainment site started by Zooey Deschanel, Sophia Rossi and Molly McAleer.

Early this year, Green made plans to leave Boise for a bigger city. But as she was about to pack her belongings, she scored a job. And not just any job--the kind that actually pays her to do art. Venturing away from Boise someday isn't out of the question but for now, Green has found enough to keep her here.

"For the small amount of people in Boise, the percentage of really amazing people is high," Green said. "There are plenty of artists here who could easily make a living in other, larger cities, and it actually bums me out that some are too shy to try."

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