7th Annual Bad Cartoon Contest 

Shame on You, Shame on You All

It's that time of year again when thoughts turn toward family gatherings, warm wishes and really, really, really bad, and sometimes mind-boggling cartoons. That's right, once again a group of BW staffers and some people with some actual artistic talent gathered 'round a stack of entries to pick the best of the worst. Or is it the worst of the worst?

We diligently winnowed down the pile of mutant talking animals, foul-mouthed children and robots to select the bad cartoon that you, our dear readers, will get to, um, enjoy for the next 52 weeks.

Helping us select the winner was last year's victor, Elijah Jensen, the mind behind the slightly disturbing Hobo Jargon, as well as artist E.J. Pettinger. His cartoon, Mild Abandon, has run in Boise Weekly every week since 2003 and won first place in the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies' annual contest for cartoons that appear in four or more papers in 2006. Freelance writer Lora Volkert, who has a strange fascination with bad cartoons, also joined the panel this year.

What follows is this year's winner, drawn by Jacob Good, as well as a sampling of the creativity we saw when perusing the entries. Some are too funny, too weird, or too confusing not to print.

—Deanna Darr

Grand Prize

cartoon by Jacob Good

2nd Place

cartoon by Lane Peterson

3rd Place

cartoon by Samuel Larson

Fire Safety Award

cartoon by Angela Worrell

Best Director Commentary Award

cartoon by Bjorn Nitmo

Gary Coleman Isn't a Celebrity

cartoon by Darren Collette

Drawn of the Dead Award

cartoon by Ryan Torres

And for the Next Trix Award

cartoon by Jen Hallyburton

Pop and Vapor Award?

cartoon by Kelly Knopp

Soap Opera Cheat Sheet Award

cartoon by Neil Baber

That Looks Nothing Like a Chicken Award

cartoon by Kearney Thompson

Dead Men Tip No Scales Award

cartoon by Maria G. Essig

Heed Your Own Advice Award

cartoon by M.W.

This is Why Doves Cry Award

cartoon by Ryan Bailey

I've Seen This Fish at the Neurolux Award

cartoon by Holly Johnson

Death by Onomatopoeia Award

cartoon by Darrin Woods

Shoulda Stuck to the Hustle Award

cartoon by K.C. Martin
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