8th Annual Bad Cartoon Contest 

These cartoons stay up past their bed time, listen to explicit music and are disrespectful to their parents.

"Dude Howdy."

No, that's not a colloquial greeting. It's actually the name of this year's Bad Cartoon Contest winner, created by Steve Klamm.

Based on his drawings, Klamm seems to be a pretty chill chap. He'd have to be to create the hairy-legged ice cream characters that won him the honors of being published in Boise Weekly every week for one year.

This year's judging panel consisted of Boise Weekly Art Director Leila Ramella-Rader, BW graphic designer Adam Rosenlund, BW cartoon contributors Mike Flinn and E.J. Pettinger, and yours truly. And along with the bad-but-oh-so-good confections that earned first-place bragging rights, we perused a number of illustrious illustrations that made us laugh, cry and throw up in our mouths a little.

We saw religious entries, political entries, entries misogynistic in nature, some about health care, several that highlighted drinking, and others in which it looked like the sender gave a stubby pencil sans eraser to a toddler and said, "Here ya go, Sunny Jim. Draw whatever is on your tiny, unformed mind. I'll send that in to the Boise Weekly Bad Cartoon Contest."

But between the great and the grating, we saw several cartoons worth not only a mention, but also a special, individualized category. To them and to the other contributors, thank you for your submissions. As gross and frightening as some of them were, you reminded us how weird and wonderful this community really is. And if a picture is worth a 1,000 words, you people said more than we ever expected to hear.

1st Place

Dude Howdy

by Steve Klamm

click to enlarge STEVE KLAMM

2nd Place

by Elijah Jensen

click to enlarge ELIJAH JENSEN

click to enlarge ELIJAH JENSEN

click to enlarge ELIJAH JENSEN

click to enlarge ELIJAH JENSEN

3rd Place

Flowerpot Man

by Tarey P.

click to enlarge TAREY P.

click to enlarge TAREY P.

click to enlarge TAREY P.

"It Takes Two To Make A Thing Go Wrong" Award

by Dean Goulder & Mike Goulder

  • Dean Goulder and Mike Goulder

"I Can't Eat This. I'm Diarrhetic" Award

by T. Wampler

click to enlarge T. WAMPLER
  • T. Wampler

"Too Bad They Never Looked Up 'Don't Pee On The Carpet'" Award

by Matthew Gregory

click to enlarge MATTHEW GREGORY
  • Matthew Gregory

"Not-So-Super Nintendo" Award

by Joe Pullin

click to enlarge JOE PULLIN
  • Joe Pullin

"Better Than A Dong Zombie" Award

by Veronica R.K. Cleary

click to enlarge VERONICA R.K. CLEARY
  • Veronica R.K. Cleary

"Created When Bill Clinton Was In Office" Award

by Randy Halford

click to enlarge RANDY HALFORD
  • Randy Halford

"That Doesn't Mean What You Think It Does" Award

by Laura GIbson

click to enlarge LAURA GIBSON
  • Laura Gibson

"Not Safe For Toddlers" Award

by Peter Johnson

click to enlarge PETER JOHNSON
  • Peter Johnson

"There's Very Little Jive In These Turkeys" Award

by Steve Willhite

click to enlarge STEVE WILLHITE
  • Steve Willhite

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