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Boise Weekly was founded in 1992 on the principle that “nothing contributes to the well-being of a community more than a good newspaper.” Many things have changed since then but we are still guided by that principle. We define a “good local newspaper” as offering robust, incisive news reporting; inclusive, broad and fresh arts and entertainment coverage; knowledgeable, entertaining and unique opinion and analysis; and penetrating, important long-form feature writing that explores the issues, people and places that define life in Boise, in Idaho and the Mountain West. Most important, we strive to serve as an authentic voice of and for our community, from breaking news to food writing. Today we distribute 20,000 copies of Boise Weekly each week at more than 1,000 locations and, as journalism has undergone a revolution in digital technology, we have transformed Boise Weekly into a multi-media company with an online readership that numbers in the hundreds of thousands. In addition to our award-winning newspaper and website, Boise Weekly also offers a range of specialty publications, including Annual Manual, Boise Eats and Drinks, Gift Guide and We Are Boise.


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