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    • JoMeta Spencer and David Levine

      CERA certifications, election integrity and dog shows
        "At a time when the integrity of the election process has been under siege, it's more critical than ever to have people to step into the breech, get the knowledge and be calm, cool and collected in the toughest of moments."
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    • Rebecca Severson and Dr. Gale Zickefoose

      The past is prologue, and for these two Boise principals, it's all about the future
        "As soon as I heard about this assignment, my husband and I rode our bikes over to the neighborhood. I got chills."
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    • Laura Welsh Berg and Nick Steen

      On playing Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy in ISF's Pride and Prejudice
        "I can't tell you how much of a gift it has been to work on Jane Austen's text. Every look, every small comment, means something."
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    • Anselme Sadiki

      On being healed, becoming a healer and his amazing colleagues at the Children's Home Society
        "Nothing has ever come easy for me. I know that if something doesn't work out today, I can still be positive about tomorrow."
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    • Nora Harren

      The long, hard climb
        "I'm always asking myself, 'What solutions can you talk about?' And I know this sounds a bit corny, but it's very useful for me to continue to practice gratitude."
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    • William Shatner

      Star Trek, Denny Crane, Canada, social media, ice cream and horses: where no interview has gone before (in a single conversation).
        "That's the whole object: having fun. So, come have fun with me in Boise."
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    • Shobha Rao

      A debut novelist coming to Rediscovered Books ignites bestseller lists, conversations with Girls Burn Brighter.
        "I could not have possibly anticipated how perfect the moment has been for this book, and how necessary it feels."
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    • Lynn Robert Berg and Erin Partin

      'Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow' with Idaho Shakespeare Festival's Lord and Lady Macbeth
        Macbeth runs in repertory at the amphitheater through Saturday, June 23.
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    • Charlie Fee

      The creative force of Idaho Shakespeare Festival on murder, mayhem and Mamma Mia
        "I wasn't setting out to say, 'You know, let's do a season that really focuses on women.' However, as the season began to develop, I leaned into it."
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    • John Pavlovitz

      On bigger tables and how loving your own child isn't enough
        "You have to look at who might be welcome where you are. Whose stories aren't represented? Whose stories aren't you hearing right now?"
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    • Rick Darmody

      Burgers, beef, Bluetooth and that 'golden handshake'
        "Today, the [J.R.] Simplot Company is an amazing partner. My father and I are fortunate to spend time with the Simplot folks and their management team. And it's still a family business."
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    • Hollis Welsh

      The new executive director of Boise Philharmonic shares a renewed sense of harmony
        "There's something that comes alive in us when we hear live music, especially on such a grand scale as the orchestra."
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    • Elizabeth Smart

      "I needed to leave that in my past. I needed to let go of it and move forward. Forgiveness really is not for the other person."
        On healing, forgiveness, happily ever after and her new book Where There's Hope.
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    • Lee Rainie

      On breaches, bots and “The Future of Truth”
        "There’s a very push-me, pull-you dimension to people’s relationship with these tools."
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    • Gene Peacock

      The new Zoo Boise director on groundbreakings, brachiation and that name of his
        "What's the deal with my last name? Let's just say that I've had some fun moments with it when I'm talking with kids."
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    • Kathleen Madigan

      On lousy interviewers, ice fishing and coffee with Bailey's
        "For someone to ask, 'How old are you? When did you get started?' What, you don't know what Google is? But come on, guys."
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    • Alex Satterlee and Allie Morgan

      On why Filmfort is "such a Treefort thing to do"
        "Screening our films in previous years at the Owyhee was great, but The Flicks is awesome."
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    • Bob Carney

      On bringing order to the court for March Madness at Boise State
        "This is a really good basketball community, but it's really about showing off how fantastic the city of Boise is."
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    • Kate Bosworth

      On #MeToo, passion projects and the premiere of her new film NONA at the Sun Valley Film Festival
        "It's a miracle to get a movie made, particularly something that is a real labor of love. This is why we make the movies we do."
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