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    • The Flutter; Issue 10

      A timely message from your Rajah
        I imagine that you imagine I might be a good partner in a conversation about some weighty subject. Politics, perhaps. Or religion. Well, my nice friends, I must tell you I no longer have any desire to discuss stuff.
    • Gifts from the North

      Part two
        Generally speaking, Canadian drug costs run from one-third to half of what we pay for them here.
    • Gifts from the North

      Part one
        I have an Xmas present for you. A big one. Certainly, the most substantial gift I've ever handed out in this column.
    • Constitution Reboot

        Take a good look around, and you have to say that regular people don't mind being screwed. I'd even say they look forward to it.
    • A Brand Newt Man

      Red gets all counter-counterculture
        I think this great thinker of yours, this big brain of the Republican Party, is so empty of ideas, so bankrupt of imagination, that he has to try to stir up 40-year-old resentments in whatever's left of the crowd that's still pissed off because we had more fun than they did.
    • Ask Bill

      Does it take a plot to make these guys look dumb?
        "I can't remember who came up with our primary tactic, but essentially, it is this: "Show the American people that these candidates are so stupid they don't even understand they are too stupid to be president." So far, it's working."
    • My Hopeful Speech

      The encouraging half (I hope)
        Today, we know who is pulling their strings and filling their campaign coffers, and our job--our hope--is to spread the news.
    • My Hopeful Speech

      The depressing half
        "All summer long, I watched the news unfold like a hawk circling an empty lot, expecting that out of all those weeds and Tea Party litter, there would eventually pop up little gophers of hope that I could strap together into one combined trend which would elevate our spirits."
    • Zanesville Gray

      What makes you so damn special?
        "What I'm going to say next I have no doubt will upset, probably infuriate, many a reader. So I might as well just spit it out."
    • Constitution Reboot 5

      Bob, Red and the sacrosanct second
        "But I know how our gun rights is always bein' attacked by elitismists."
    • Red the Libratarian

      "Now don't you be pickin' on my Paul!"
        As far as your Ron Paul goes, sorry to tell you, pal, but he's not just a loon. He's an idiot.
    • In Spite Of

      The crusade against smokers
        A conservative friend bitched to me about the smoking bans being further evidence that liberals were turning America into a "nanny state." But as a liberal smoker here in the Holier-Than-Thou Valley, I sense other influences at work ...
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    • Holton Hears A Wha'?

      Cope critiques a critic
        You see, I have always trusted my readers to be generally informed.
    • Libertarianville

      A day in Paul country
        That's what freedom is all about--taking your own risks.
    • Constitution Reboot 4

      Bob doesn't think free speech means lying freely
        Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, as long as what the speaker is saying is either the truth, his honest understanding of the truth, or at the very least, that the speaker is not aware what he's saying is a f***ing bald-faced lie
    • Old Dog, Old Trick

      Ask Bill: Advice for the worried
        I want to tell you about our old dog, if you don't mind. Think of it as a parable. I always find parables are a good way to make a point.
    • The Never-Ending 9/11

      Remembering those who led us into ruin
        The event had done so much more damage to us than the loss of a few buildings and 3,000 American neighbors. I came to understand that Osama bin Laden had infected us with the very disease that had driven him to do what he did.
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    • Constitution Reboot 3

      Bob wants a taller wall between church and state
        Should any persons of religious authority, self-imagined or not, choose to use their anti-Hollywood, anti-news media, anti-science, anti-education, anti-arts and anti-intellectual hillbilly voodoo to scare yahoos, in-breds and half-man/half-sasquatch hybrids into shelling out scarce cash to keep their Holy Personages in Cadillacs and cheesy antebellum mansions ...
    • Janie's Own Jazz

        I have struggled to find a way to write one last time about Janie Harris, my friend. I couldn't do it.
    • Unsocial Insecurity

      The GOP is a self-inflicted wound
        Now, I must present you with more evidence of just how damn stupid conservatives are.
    • Beating Raul

      Headline: Boehner Pets Labrador!
        It was those freshman class boneheads that got us into the debt-ceiling crisis to begin with.
    • Whose Default Is It?

      The tea weeds must be pulled, roots and all
        The modern right is a noxious weed, and to defeat a noxious weed, you have to attack the roots.
    • Constitution Reboot

      Part II of ? parts
        When I told him I was re-writing the U.S. Constitution, he got all quivery, worried about how mad some people would get if they knew what I'm doing. I told him I didn't care.
    • Constitution Reboot

      Part I: Badger Bob insists we can do better
        Holy smokes, Bob! Are you saying we put out a revised edition of the U.S. Constitution?

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