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    • America's Last Chance:

      Will we resist a massive conspiracy?
        The darkest dystopian visions of the future have come to chilling, horrific life.
    • What You Don't Know

      Obama's Orwellian Dystopia
        Politicians and their media mouthpieces are spinning faster than a server at the NSA's new 5 zettabyte data farm in Utah.
    • Turn Up That Music

      The Gen X-Millennial generation gap
        Why are millennials, um... well, there's no other way to say it: kind of boring?
    • Treasonous Reform

      Why are we importing foreign workers?
        Lawmakers want foreign nationals to fill America's high-paying tech jobs. While Americans are out of work.
    • Why to Impeach Obama

      Why is the FBI helping a monstrous dictator?
        The real scandal is President Barack Obama's decision to support one of the world's most evil dictators.
    • Investigating the Investi-gations

      IRS targeting a scandal, CIA targeting business as usual
        Thrown under the bus in a matter of days, the IRS is already getting ground to mincemeat. Meanwhile, a spectacular panorama of Bush-era abuses have yet to draw the attention of a single Congressional subcommittee.
    • We Are All Soviets Now

      Not-so-secret bombings have big implications
        We live in a time that bears out the most dystopian of George Orwell's predictions, yet few news events are as surreal and mind-blowing as a so-called secret bombing.
    • Closing Guantanamo

      Obama needs Travelocity
        Guantanamo is complicated. Everyone says so. Everyone is wrong.
    • If We Learn Geography

      The terrorists have won
        Since 9/11, our leaders have repeatedly told us that "they" "hate our freedoms," but of course, this is nonsense.
    • Lose a House, Get $300

      Why aren't rioters burning down the banks?
        We must be too drugged to feel, much less express, rage. How else to explain why furious mobs haven't burned the banks to the ground?
    • Presidential Tokenism

      A one-woman affirmative-action program
        Once again, we're seeing an attempt to seduce voters with politically correct tokenism.
    • Mayors of Brokesville

      To be young, technodouchey and shilly at SXSW
        When you've got a marketplace full of would-be sellers but no buyers, you've got no market at all. All that's left is a bunch of douchebags looking at your feet.
    • Gays Sucked in

      What happened to the gay movement of the 1970s?
        Gays and their allies are deluding themselves if they believe that achieving marriage equality is anything but a pyrrhic victory for liberals and progressives.
    • The Quagmire Pattern

      Ten years into the Iraq War, we repeat in Syria
        The Quagmire Pattern always seems to play out the same way.
    • Cash In

      Why Sheryl Sandberg is evil
        I think Sandberg is one of the most insufferable fools in the world of business. Which is saying something. But I don't hate her for the same reasons as people like Maureen Dowd.
    • Is the GOP Doomed?

      In a two-party system, the loser is us
        The Republicans-could-go-extinct meme is a manufactured crisis.
    • Does Your Brain Have a Right to Privacy?

      Cannibals, thoughtcrime and a rising police state
        A society can be tempted to try to monitor what goes on in people's brains, and to sanction citizens whose opinions and fantasies fail to conform to "normalcy."
    • Stuck

      Why can't the United States move forward?
        The United States is as ossified as the USSR was before its collapse.
    • To Live and Die in L.A.

      An armed, disposable and dangerous system
        The case of the cop gone rogue is a parable for our time.
    • Will the Next 9/11 Arrive Via Drone?

      Aggressive drone wars set a dangerous precedent
        You know the pattern. We escalate the arms race with some new gadget to kill and maim more efficiently, then we deploy brute economic and military force to keep those new weapons to ourselves for as long as possible.
    • Against Philanthropy

      As hurricane victims freeze, billionaire mayor gives away $1 billion to wealthy med school
        Bloomberg's donation to one of the wealthiest universities on Earth, with an endowment of $2.6 billion, serves to remind us that philanthropy is evil.
    • Weird Times

      In politics, it's a wild wild weird world
        The political landscape at the beginning of the second term of America's first biracial--in the usual historical sense, calling him black kind of requires an asterisk--is a messed-up, topsy-turvy, bass-ackwards place.
    • Murder by Prosecutor

      Time to roll back excessive prison sentences
        Something about computer hackers makes courts go nuts.
    • Powerball Plans

      Musings of a wannabe newspaper warlord
        I want to help transform the media. That's my big dream. Unfortunately, I will never realize it because I don't have access to the kind of capital necessary.
    • Fooled Again

      After re-election, Obama sells out liberal democrats
        The President's economic policies are closer to Herbert Hoover than Franklin Roosevelt.
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