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Suzann Bell

  • The Mouse Police Never Sleep

    Ridding your realm of rodents
      Cool weather is a fine time for harvesting produce, fertilizing the lawn and checking for mice. Checking for mice? you might ask. Well, it's true, cool weather brings those miniature eating machines indoors looking for a place to cozy up for the winter. Having dispatched 30 mice in five weeks from my pump house and hay barn, I'd have to say that thoughts of them still gnaw at my brain and I continue to set traps.
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  • Of Moths and Cats

    Defining crisis in the valley
      Listening to the many horror stories from homeowners these past two weeks, I've come to the conclusion that a) There must be an invasion of giant killer moths in the Treasure Valley and b) Cats are taking over the world.
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  • Gardening With Spirit

    Remembering your loved ones
      Whenever I'm out in my garden, I'm never alone. Running through my mind are the memories of friends and loved ones who, like exotic flowers that bloom and wither in such a short time, enriched and perfumed my life.
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  • It's Time to Get Planning!

    Veggie eaters unite
      It's time to start planting the garden, if you haven't already. There are lots of cold, hardy plants that can be planted right now. Let's talk about a few.
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  • Gardening for Health (and sanity)

    Trim your waistline by trimming your trees
      People have always sought the sun (especially in March), but it isn't the only reason gardeners construct gardens in their minds while they wait for warmer weather. We all garden for a variety of reasons: to gain a sense of continuity, to seek beauty or to make contact with nature.
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    Keeping the dream alive
      January is an impossible month for me--there's not enough color. It forces me to bring home bundles of bright, cut flowers to fill every room. If nothing else, this dreary month is good for planning spring gardens. Any month could be used to hatch new plans and revise old ones if they aren't roaring with activity (which they are). January, on the other hand, is quiet. It's a time to think and plan. Besides, winter keeps most gardeners indoors like caged birds--agitated and captive. Except, of course, for those hard-core gardeners covered in fleece and wool who wield Pulaskis (firefighting tools with an ax on one side of a heavy head and a sharp, small hoe on the other side). The handle is short and stout like a pickax, and it works wonders on breaking through the frozen top three inches of ground.
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    Keeping the Christmas tradition alive
  • Pumpkin

    The most versatile of foods

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