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    • Wounds of War

      Geoffghanistan, Part One
        On November 6, 2002, former Boisean Geoff Jutzy landed in Kabul, Afghanistan. He would spend the next two years living alone in a guarded compound while building a computer lab within the bullet-riddled walls of Kabul University's medical school. His life there was touched by mutilated vagrants, desecrated buildings, abandoned tanks and social strife as well as laughing children, bustling street markets, urban revitalization and a growing sense of goodwill between Afghanis, aid workers and American soldiers. He saw the headlines from the other side, and what you are about to read may surprise you.
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    • Men in Uniform

      New faces highlight a new era in nursing
        "Traditional Hispanic males have this machismo thing," Ronquillo said, "and nursing—the word itself has feminine connotations. But the stereotypes come from people not knowing what it's really about. They think of little hats, skirts and bed pans and don't realize it's a little more complicated than that."
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