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    • Intelligent Design

      The art of PJ Dean
        Originality is becoming as scarce as crude oil. In the realm of visual art, everything has been "done," from cubist perspectives to sublime landscapes to fecal smears on canvas, making it even more impressive that local artist PJ Dean has a style he can call his own.
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    • 200 Years and Counting

        The Idaho Black History Museum almost sounds like an oxymoron. Stereotypes would have us believe that Idaho's past (not to mention its present and future) is as much about diversity as it is deep-sea fishing, though the annals of multi-racial history in this state stretch back to its very founding. Evidence is scattered, but photo, written and verbal records kept by the descendants of African-American settlers allowed the January launch of part one (1805-1919) of a three-part, permanent collection exhibit called The Invisible Idahoan: 200 Years of Blacks in Idaho.
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    • Art in the Neighborhood

      The Gallery at Hyde Park
        I know 1513 N. 13th Street well-or so I thought. I walked right past the formerly vacant space in the heart of Hyde Park while looking for Boise's newest gallery, aptly named the Gallery at Hyde Park.
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    • Visual Arts Collective

      An alliance of minds and media
        As Boise grows, our cultural stew gets richer and richer. Theatre companies present gutsier plays; dance troupes layer movement and message; musicians play their own music and visual artists dabble beyond the watercolor landscape.
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