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    • Aubergine

      On one plate ...
        We all love our TCBY, but a cup of yogurt usually doesn't warrant a trip to one of Boise's ghost malls.
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    • Pizzalchik

      On one plate...
        I entered Pizzalchik's small space around 11 a.m. and an eager, smiling man behind the counter asked if he could give me "the tour," so to speak.
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    • Pier 49 Pizza

      ... then the other
        Yellow Boys, Beefmasters, Green Zebras-who knew an afternoon could be spent picking tomatoes? The boy and I shuffled from greenhouse to greenhouse, wondering which varieties had the best chance of surviving two dogs with noses for helpless vegetables.
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    • Twin Dragon

      ... then the other
        Twin Dragon looks like background in a Tarantino flick. The neon dragon scales and weathered roof give it a certain texture, and the smell of soy sauce and hot oil is literally in the walls.
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    • Panda Garden

      ... then the other
        Despite the miso scare, Panda Garden provided some of the best service I've had in a long time. Three different people attended to our needs, and they were genuinely grateful for our business.
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    • Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Bar

        I have lived in bigger cities, and one of the only things I miss is the food. Boise has some fantastic restaurants, but there are too few places that really nail the right balance of stylish and inviting, gourmet and approachable, high quality and reasonably priced. On that short list is Mosaic, a tidy little eatery that looks and tastes worthy of any posh corner in any posh city. The beauty is, it manages to be trendy without being pretentious, and the food has never failed to meet my most stringent standards of "yumminess."
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    • Lim's Specialty House

        Let me start by saying that all restaurants are not created equal. High-end restaurants serve high-end food, and low-end restaurants sort of hover between good-bad and bad-bad. Harsh, I know, but certain places are consistent in look, taste and price, and you can't really judge them for delivering exactly what they advertise.
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    • Murphy's Seafood Bar & Grill

        Murphy's was one of those restaurants my parents always took me to on Saturday nights. I remember the smell of steak and dark beer and the distinctive glow of green lamps like you see in big libraries. When I walked in last Thursday, the aroma was similar, but the landscape was entirely different. The simple booths had been replaced by a grand dining room with a vaulted ceiling and a semi-exposed kitchen. It was much more formal, but the boy and I still felt comfortable in jeans and jackets as the hostess seated us at a booth near the bar.
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    • The Art of Tailgating

      From Hail Marys to Bloody Marys
        Picture this--it's a few degrees above freezing, and the Broncos are about to play Louisiana Tech in the last home game of a record-breaking season. The effects of their golden year have rippled high and low, causing a justified ruckus in the BCS and riling up a local fan base in the many thousands. Bronco fans are known for their fearlessness in the face of cold weather and ridicule (wearing pom-poms in your pants does have its consequences), but even more impressive than their spirit turf-side is their artfulness in the parking lot. What am I getting at? Those Bronco fans cook a mean bratwurst.
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