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    • From Joysticks to Gamepods

      The evolution of Boise's virtual playground
        It was a Friday like any other ... except for the fact that The Pirate had filled most of his six-foot-six-inch frame with five shots of tequila, three pints of dark beer and a few slices of pickle from an uneaten chicken sandwich--all before 1 p.m. Staring into our sodas, El Camacho and I shared a moment of nervous amusement about what we might do with a drunken swab in the middle of the afternoon on a school day. We immediately thought of PoJo's.
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    • Bushwhacking

      Recreational purgatory
        The first time I heard the word "bushwhack," I was watching leotard-wearing skinheads prance about on WWF. Older, wiser and forcibly weaned from cable television, I know now that bushwhacking was around long before the 1980s. Webster's offered these smart little meanings: "To make one's way through thick woods by cutting away bushes and branches; To travel through or live in the woods; To fight as a guerrilla in the woods."
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    • NIA

      The body's way
        My mother is a relic of the Jane Fonda era. Her closet doubles as the North American Museum of Leg Warmers, and I'm pretty sure she's in an amateur workout video "feeling the burn" to Devo. So when she stood before me wearing rainbow spandex bell-bottoms singing the praises of something called "NIA," I was blunt.
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