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    • Pass the cheese, please

      Orange snack chips color your appetite
        Orange foods have been unfairly categorized as "healthy." Sure, carrots are good for your eyes, tangerines have ridiculous quantities of vitamin C and egg yolks are crammed with protein, but what about foods that were born naked and only came into their orange-ness after being bathed in unpronounceable chemicals?
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    • Deep Purple for $800, Alex

      Just what color is indigo, anyway?
        As far as we know, the only truly indigo food is the island punch-flavored Jelly Belly, but there are a few members of the berry family that come close. To better appreciate their nutritional and culinary value, we must first understand the connections their particular purplish-bluish shade has to the intangible world.
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    • Being Basque

        The United States has been called a "melting pot," a colorful stew of race, culture and ideology that borrows from all over the world. As a result, ancestral lines have blurred over the years, breeding affection for many lands and people without full understanding or appreciation of what it means to be Irish, Mexican, German or Greek.
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    • Buy Idaho

      Good news for the little guy
        In an increasingly hi-tech, global market, convenience has become the golden calf. Consumers expect year-round savings and availability, and independent businesses find themselves unable to compete with the "faster, bigger, cheaper" approach of corporate chains. One-stop shopping behemoths air commercials peppered with "hometown" images, implying that their shelves are stocked with local crops and products designed and produced around the corner.
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    • Dying in Idaho

      The Business of Goodbye

        The world was made in balance-light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil-but the ultimate parallel remains as big a mystery as the meaning of life. Just as day fades to night, we are born and die, though Americans in particular have trouble accepting the sudden stop at the end. Sacred texts and cultural traditions provide answers for some, but many others are taught not to talk about death, to turn their heads from sadness and loss rather than embrace and celebrate the transition as an essential part of the process. Last goodbyes should be a time of healing, reflection and joy whether we bury our dead in grand mausoleums or scatter their ashes in high mountain lakes. Everyone dies; the real challenge is to go on living.

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    • One Wedding and a Funeral

        The following figures are rough numbers of an even rougher number on relative, median costs of wedding and funeral accoutrements in Idaho. There really is no average, and extremes exist on both ends of the spectrum. Our thanks to Glenna Tooman of Memory Makers Event Planning LLC and Larry Leoni of Summers Funeral Home for being generous with their time and information.
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    • Over the river and through the woods

      To Mother Nature's house we'll go
        After such a sad, snow-less winter, my molecules are burning to get back on the trails, peaks and big water. I am an outdoor baby, but I don't own any matching spandex, and I don't get my gear furnished by big labels hot for my sponsorship.
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    • Microfarming

      Green thumbs go even greener
        Produce. Rows of waxed, chemically enhanced fruits and vegetables made to withstand thousands of miles of travel and weeks between the vine and the vendor. They look good, but if I had a nickel for every time I've been disappointed by a grocery store banana, I'd have enough money to fly to Brazil and pick one myself. Why?
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    • Beauty and the Beast

      A woman's guide to auto repair
        I used to trust people, used to think that insurance covered everything and that Girl Scouts give you a fair shake on those damnably addictive cookies. Then I started noticing things, like the fact that almost every time I get my oil changed, I "need" a new filter.
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    • Preventative Maintenance Check List

        Here are a few basic terms you should know that don't require training to understand and might just double the lifespan of your car if you keep them in mind every time you drive.
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    • Nosferatu

      The Power and Poetry of Dracula
        There is elegance in darkness--in the way night spills over a landscape and invites terrors both real and imagined to stalk freely upon the earth. Huddled in our beds, eyes wide and knuckles clenched, we wait for fear to materialize, for the alluring evil that is at once external and deeply internal to appear. Perhaps that is why generations have been drawn to the story of Dracula. In literature, film and theater, monsters have taken every form from brain-sucking aliens to flesh-eating zombies to homicidal leprechauns, but most lack the human element that makes Dracula so exceedingly seductive. We all have the potential to corrupt and kill, and Dracula gives this potential a face (and occasionally, a set of very dangerous incisors). He is the incarnation of the evil that lurks in every heart, and people continue to connect with the redemptive tragedy of his life, un-death and final surrender.
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    • Cheap Eats

      Hungy and all you have is a fistful of change?

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