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    • Flirt with Death

        If you want really big thrills and some teamwork action, dabble in street luging. Olympians need an icy shoot, but anyone with a long skateboard and a helmet can give this a try.
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    • Dying in Idaho

      The Business of Goodbye

        The world was made in balance-light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil-but the ultimate parallel remains as big a mystery as the meaning of life. Just as day fades to night, we are born and die, though Americans in particular have trouble accepting the sudden stop at the end. Sacred texts and cultural traditions provide answers for some, but many others are taught not to talk about death, to turn their heads from sadness and loss rather than embrace and celebrate the transition as an essential part of the process. Last goodbyes should be a time of healing, reflection and joy whether we bury our dead in grand mausoleums or scatter their ashes in high mountain lakes. Everyone dies; the real challenge is to go on living.

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    • Handmade Music

      Luthier Lawrence Smart
        When most people think of physics, they imagine Einstein's hair, Newton's apple and their homeroom teacher's unquenchable thirst for polyester.
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    • Urban Intervention

      David Hale and the Linen District
        Studying a jar of jelly beans in David Hale's makeshift office on 15th Street, I count what I know about him on one hand: He's young, he's rich, he's championing the revitalization of a six-block area west of downtown Boise while maintaining seven companies, three personal residences and the impending birth of his first-born son (OK, maybe two hands). I imagine him vibrating with the pressure of it all: cell phones, laptops and supermodels grafted to his body as he multitasks his way to Forbes' Top 100. Maybe he's an alien, or a sweater vest-wearing Bill Gates type. Somehow, thinking he's a freak makes me feel better about my own rung on the cosmic ladder ...
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    • Being Basque

        The United States has been called a "melting pot," a colorful stew of race, culture and ideology that borrows from all over the world. As a result, ancestral lines have blurred over the years, breeding affection for many lands and people without full understanding or appreciation of what it means to be Irish, Mexican, German or Greek.
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    • Stage Dynamo

      Writer/director Farideh Fardjam brings international flair to local theater
        On the evening of September 26, the lobby of The Flicks was packed with people clutching programs for a staged reading of an Armenian comedy called Be Nice, I'm Dead. Recognizing neither the form nor anything about the play, I went on faith--and a conversation I had earlier that day with the play's director, Farideh Fardjam.
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    • 200 Years and Counting

        The Idaho Black History Museum almost sounds like an oxymoron. Stereotypes would have us believe that Idaho's past (not to mention its present and future) is as much about diversity as it is deep-sea fishing, though the annals of multi-racial history in this state stretch back to its very founding. Evidence is scattered, but photo, written and verbal records kept by the descendants of African-American settlers allowed the January launch of part one (1805-1919) of a three-part, permanent collection exhibit called The Invisible Idahoan: 200 Years of Blacks in Idaho.
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    • Art in the Neighborhood

      The Gallery at Hyde Park
        I know 1513 N. 13th Street well-or so I thought. I walked right past the formerly vacant space in the heart of Hyde Park while looking for Boise's newest gallery, aptly named the Gallery at Hyde Park.
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    • Literary Trifecta

      Three notables read at Log Cabin
    • Lim's Specialty House

        Let me start by saying that all restaurants are not created equal. High-end restaurants serve high-end food, and low-end restaurants sort of hover between good-bad and bad-bad. Harsh, I know, but certain places are consistent in look, taste and price, and you can't really judge them for delivering exactly what they advertise.
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