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    • Dying in Idaho

      The Business of Goodbye

        The world was made in balance-light and dark, hot and cold, good and evil-but the ultimate parallel remains as big a mystery as the meaning of life. Just as day fades to night, we are born and die, though Americans in particular have trouble accepting the sudden stop at the end. Sacred texts and cultural traditions provide answers for some, but many others are taught not to talk about death, to turn their heads from sadness and loss rather than embrace and celebrate the transition as an essential part of the process. Last goodbyes should be a time of healing, reflection and joy whether we bury our dead in grand mausoleums or scatter their ashes in high mountain lakes. Everyone dies; the real challenge is to go on living.

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    • NW Museums

        Just a short flight away are a plethora of art exhibitions covering a range periods and styles-17th century Dutch painters, contemporary Chinese photography, French Art Deco glass, the Pre-Raphaelites-so stash a few necessities in your carry-on and make a dash to the airport to embark on an art adventure.
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    • Urban Intervention

      David Hale and the Linen District
        Studying a jar of jelly beans in David Hale's makeshift office on 15th Street, I count what I know about him on one hand: He's young, he's rich, he's championing the revitalization of a six-block area west of downtown Boise while maintaining seven companies, three personal residences and the impending birth of his first-born son (OK, maybe two hands). I imagine him vibrating with the pressure of it all: cell phones, laptops and supermodels grafted to his body as he multitasks his way to Forbes' Top 100. Maybe he's an alien, or a sweater vest-wearing Bill Gates type. Somehow, thinking he's a freak makes me feel better about my own rung on the cosmic ladder ...
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    • The Chauffer and the Glimmer Twins

      Band Camp's rock is a real slice
        While Seattle and Portland are still overrun by garage band wannabes with ego for sale, Boise seems to breed musicians that would rather have fun and make a few bucks than go the route of so many puffed up "artists." Not that they aren't artists with skills to match, they just go about their art in a less assuming way that invites crowds to get up and bust some booty moves instead of brooding in a corner sipping gin. At least, that is the priority for Band Camp (in addition to friendly rounds of tequila).
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    • February 2, 2005

      Crepe Cause • Yen Ching adds traditional tonic to traditional menu • Happy New Year from Oriental Express • Life Changes Abound at Life's Kitchen •
    • No Wrong Notes

      New poetry by local author Norman Weinstein
        Like most people, I have shelves in my home stacked with books that say something about who I am. Eggers, Vonnegut and Sedaris in one corner, Dillard, Descartes and a collection of Calvin and Hobbes in the other, like some piecemeal personal ad. If this short list is any indication of my taste, then the North End bungalow Norman Weinstein shares with his wife, writer Mary Owen, is a paper and ink mosaic of his soul.
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    • Aubergine

      On one plate ...
        We all love our TCBY, but a cup of yogurt usually doesn't warrant a trip to one of Boise's ghost malls.
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