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    • Man of Conscience

      Spontaneous Productions presents powerful play
        At last, an opportunity in Boise to attend an award-winning play that makes you laugh, cry and actually "scrape the moss" off your mind and think.
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    • Into the Mystic

      Boise State presents the after of "happily ever after"
        It was like old home week, walking into the lively rehearsal of Into the Woods at Boise State's Stage II, and seeing familiar faces from Starlight Mountain Theatre in Garden Valley; Stage Coach Theatre of Boise; and CAN-ACT, Encore Theatre and Music Theatre of Idaho, all of Nampa.
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    • Wacky Nuns

      Knock 'Em Dead presents hilarious musical
        With the usual convenience of the Knock 'Em Dead Dinner Theatre, there is free parking, a delicious dinner (by Sonia's Catering) and a fun show, Meshuggah-Nuns, all in one place--just like a cruise. And the wait staff are friendly, energetic actors--and nuns--adding to the merriment of the evening.
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    • Heartbreak and Hope

      Shakespeare Festival ends with warm, fuzzy musical
        The final show in the Idaho Shakespeare Festival's 30th anniversary season is a down-home Americana musical. It's not a big, splashy song-and-dance production, heavy on skimpy costumes and gorgeous girls like the season's opener, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. Instead, it's a heartwarming story about seven people we all know--or think we do.
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    • Wild and wacky

      Spontaneous Productions goes Beyond Therapy
        Spontaneous Productions is presenting its final show in its "Off Broadway" location on Williams Street, and appropriately, it's a raucous, satiric play by Christopher Durang, noted for his simultaneously dark and playfully biting comedies.
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    • Mating Game

      Shakespeare Festival presents musical revue
    • Lost and Found Love

      Spontaneous Productions' opera obsessions
        Ah, the beauty and glory of grand opera! And the men who love it and live through it. The Terrence McNally play, The Lisbon Traviata, running for the next two weekends at Spontaneous Productions, offers a tragicomic view of four gay men seeking affection and connection in what can be a cruel world.
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      New Heritage playwright offers challenges in Avatara
        Avatar: 1. Hinduism a god's coming down in bodily form to the earth; incarnation of a god. 2. Any incarnation or embodiment, as of a quality or concept in a person.
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    • Broadway Bound

      Mob gets into show biz with Breaking Legs
    • But Where's the Main Course?

      CAN-ACT presents slow drama for 50th production
        Pie Supper, ending its run this weekend at the CAN-ACT theater in Karcher Mall, is a strange little play without much plot and possessing adult content that might make some viewers uncomfortable. The play seems an unfortunate choice for the milestone 50th production for this creative and hard-working theatrical group.
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    • Phones Are Ringing

      Willmorth wows Boise Contemporary Theater audiences
    • Wacky Women

      CAN-ACT stages White Chicks
        The title of CAN-ACT's current show may be A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking, but there's not much sitting. Throughout most of the first act, one of the "chicks," Maude, is throwing the other, Hannah Mae, out of her house. Understandably.
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    • Behind the Dance

      A Chorus Line glitters at Stage Coach Theatre
        Stage Coach Theatre's glittering production of A Chorus Line opened November 18 with all the sauce and pizazz you could ask for.
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    • Sister Squabble

      Nostalgic family drama opens at BLT
    • A Frantic Farce

      CAN-ACT play laughs at lovers and mistresses
        Want to forget about your tax bills and world problems? Head for Karcher Mall in Nampa for a jolly romp about four ridiculous people (or are they?)
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    • The Devil, You Say

      Stage Coach Theatre play sells Hell with laughs galore
        Stage Coach Theatre charges into its 25th season with an unusual comedy that takes a devilish look at the advertising business.
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    • Fun With Nuns

      Nonsensical antics continue in Nunsense II

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