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    • Pair

      On one plate ...
        Sixth and Main has long been an epicenter of post-adolescent hormonal rage, intermingled with alleged adults who furtively scramble after dismissive youth that flitter by wearing little more than their regrettable tattoos.
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    • Mona Lisa

      On one plate...
        The world's most recognized artist with a preference for boys has received a lot of scrutiny lately.
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    • Stubs Sports Pub

      On one plate ...
        A sports business/media cabal is working rapidly to complete the "Matrix" designed to rob us of the reality of our lives.
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    • Korea House

      then the other.
        With the exception of the Idaho State Legislature, nobody has as much fun being dictatorial as North Korea's Kim Jung Il. Just last week, he grew tired of his Edward Scissorhands look and ordered all men in the country to cut their hair.
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    • Jaker's Bandara Grill

        Kathy, Jacqueline, Kyle and Graham are all girls I've wanted to take out for some time. I knew that each of them was interested in joining me for a restaurant review, but I'm pretty busy, so I asked them all out for the same evening. I figured if the hip-hop guys could go out with a posse of girls all at one time, why not me?
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    • Mosaic Restaurant and Wine Bar

        I have the pleasure of knowing a Parisian woman (shouldn't everyone?) who enjoys playing Maude to my Harold. She makes a pass at me whenever we meet, whispering through daring red lipstick in a seductive Gallic accent, "If only I were sixty years younger..." Scarlet badges are not for the meek.
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    • Bardenay

        My mother spent hours cutting mounds of parsley to make her tabouli salad. She was so excited when we purchased a Cuisinart because it promised to save her time. In my mother's estimation, however, the food processor cut the parsley in too fine a fashion, altering the salad's taste. She only used the machine once. Modernist icon Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was referring to architectural design when he famously said that "God is in the details," but the same could be said for food and drink. At Bardenay in Eagle, their respect for subtlety is what makes this bar and restaurant exceptional.
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    • Lim's Specialty House

        There is something undeniably attractive about playing hard to get. Aloofness tends to elevate the object of attention above those who seek it. Lim's could care less about getting you in the door, but make an effort to try this place and you'll discover more than just the seductive aura of indifference.
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